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Folks, it's been a little while since new news has graced the front of WildStar Central - as @Fish pointed out over on Twitter it's been almost a month! Not that there hasn't been news, just that we've been glacially slow to report it! For which we're sorry - and we're going to make it up to you with a brief round up, and a preview of what you can look forward to on WSC in the coming month...

So, join us as we run through the big news from the last month of WildStar and get the scoop on what WildStar Central will be doing for the community in the weeks to come! So, hit Continue Reading to find out all!
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Patch Notes are coming out fast and furious from Carbine - so much that we can't play, update WSC and keep a regularly scheduled life - much apologies! That said, here's a round up of the last week's patches...

Build 6723.1: 6/12/2014
  • Item: Elemental Life Drain
    • Fixed an issue that allowed the effect to trigger more than 5 times every 1 second.
    • Previously, the value was calculated as if it were a heal with no damage component. This has been fixed and the values adjusted based on it being a life drain. New values are as follows:
      Tier 1 - 32 life drain per hit, down from 73.
      Tier 2 - 63 life drain per hit, down from 143.
      Tier 3 - 96 life drain per hit, down...
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Howdeh Cupcakes,

Just a quick news flash to point everyone in the direction of the next WildStar Ultra Drop titled 'Strain', today was the first day of the scheduled content roll-out, with the update expected to hit live servers in early July!

The patch is going to bring two new level 50 zones, and an absolute plethora of new gear, customisations and (who guessed it?) housing items!

Check out the Strain WSFlick below and make sure to check the official site for more information!

( Watch the Flick - Read More )
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Patch Highlights
  • The EULA has been updated. Read it! It's awesome, as EULAs go.
  • Improved performance on AMD processors which are powering down because the game is not heavily using any single core by having the main thread of the game prefer to be scheduled on a single core.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes deleted stackable items when double-right-clicking on them while the bank is open.
  • Fixed a crash in French clients when the Level Up screen appears for certain levels.
  • Fixed a Lua error that was occasionally occurring when completing a 2v2 Arena match
  • Fixed a server crash related to pathing.
  • Fixed issues with Account Friend Invites not working....
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Folks, we've been a little silent here at WSC what with the game we've been waiting for to launch, but here's a quick roundup of all the patch notes from the first week of headstart/launch!

Build #6708 - 28 May 2014
  • The Drusera story instances are now unlocked for all players. Journey through the heart of Nexus and unlock its darkest secrets.
  • Added a /random command that will generate a random number on the server and display it to everyone in your party.
  • Added Story Movie at the beginning of the game.
  • Updated the EULA and Privacy Policies.
  • Implemented the final game credits for launch!
  • Continent artwork has been updated and is now complete.
  • Fixed a...
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CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ZAP IS COOKIN'? This week, we take a look back at beta and we look forward to launch. We run a bit shorter this week since everyone is gearing up for Wildstar in their own ways, we felt it prudent to keep this particular episode on point, and full of all the good stuff -- server info, The Google Two-Step (hell yeah!), and much, much more.

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The Google Two-Step (aka: the best pun ever)
Zap Jr.
5x combo breaker intro
Secrets to leveling fast: Gunnars and E-Cigs