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  1. Starcrosser349
    I'll miss Wildstar. My only regret is that I didn't play it enough T-T
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  2. Zap-Robo
    Welcome, cupcakes! Registration should be back online now - so come share the memories!
  3. Narrack
    28/11/18 10PM UK time WildStar is dead, for anybody who was there at the very end I salute you. Cya on the flipside and long live the Exiles
  4. Narrack
    Started playing again recently. I forgot all about this place, Its like a museum to all our hype. I wonder how all the old posters are doing
  5. Nicodemus
    Hey everyone, How have people been?
  6. Zap-Robo
    We still have some old WildStar swag in stock here at WSC... what kind of competition do you think we should run?
  7. Zap-Robo
    Like what we've done with WildStar Central? Check out what we're going to do... at MMO Central! http://mmo-central.com/
  8. Azzurri
  9. Gray
    'Ello govenas!
  10. Kataryna
    Kataryna Extatica
  11. Kataryna
  12. Taher
    Dayumm, havent been on this in a while. A LOT has changed.
  13. NocturnalMuse
    NocturnalMuse Evion
    Hi! I wanted to ask you about something with your old post "Wildstar Swag Brainstorming & Doodles" are you still active on here?
  14. Kellth
    Does anyone want to write about WildStar on a blog/news website? PM if your interested.
  15. Led Windu
    Led Windu sidfreeman
  16. yobo93
    yobo93 PalsyPlague
    Hey! Would you happen to have another guest pass available?
  17. BlackSwan
    Shout out to mai peeps on Hazak!ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ
  18. bugeyemafia
    bugeyemafia PalsyPlague
    Hey palsyplague, i read that you may have a free guest pass for wildstar! The game seems very exciting, although i would love to test it out before i spend $60 and a monthly sub! If you can help it would be much appreciated! Thanks for your time and consideration. -bugeyemafia
  19. Quietus
    Again? Someone must really hate them.
  20. Jereton Lauwerends
    Jereton Lauwerends PalsyPlague
    Hi, can I get one of those guest passes?