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WildStar Community Fansites

Here you can find a full list of all the well-known websites in the WildStar community. To have yours added, please email fansites@wildstar-central.com

Forum Communities
Nexus Elites
A WildStar community focusing on the Elder Game. Features News, Forums and Livestreams.
WildStar Central
The original WildStar community. Features News, Forums, Livestreams, Podcast, Wiki, and a Media Library.
WildStar Forums
Part of the Curse Network. Features News, Forums, and a Wiki.
WildStar Nation
An independent WildStar fan community. Features News, a Podcast, Videos and Forums.
WildStar Roleplay
WildStar’s premiere roleplay community. Features News and Forums.

Other Notable Sites
Blue Blades Blog
A site dedicated to the Esper class in WildStar
Medicating Nexus
A site dedicated to the Medic class in WildStar
Mission: Nexus
A WildStar fan site specializing in news, opinions and articles
Nexus Travel Company
A site dedicated to the Explorer Path in WildStar
The Rowsdower
An off-the-wall WildStar news site with an extra helping of Rowsdowers
The Scowling Cassian
A roleplayers blog, containing articles and original fan artwork
Settler in Exile
Articles and (eventually) crafting/economic resources for the WildStar community
Dedicated to Housing in WildStar and the War Plot Elder Game system
What The Nexus?!
A general news blog for WildStar. Featuring Database and Media sections.
WildStar Anook
The WildStar listing on the Anook social network for gamers
WildStar Fans
The Nexus Welcome Centre. A website for new WildStar fans
WildStar G+ Community
The Google Plus community for WildStar news
WildStar Guildex
The first WildStar Guild Database site
WildStar Junkies
A WildStar news site. Part of the JunkiesNation Network
WildStar Lore
A site dedicated to the Scientist Path and the lore in WildStar
WildStar Mag
A blog site dedicated to WildStar news
WildStar MMOtter
The WildStar page on the MMOtter social network for gamers
WildStar Movies
A site cataloguing both official and fan-made video content for WildStar.
WildStar Subreddit
For those Reddit fans among you, this is the WildStar subreddit

Your Eldan Overlords
A blog dedicated to following WildStar news, interviews and videos

WS Base
Home to a popular WildStar build calculator and players written guides

Community Podcasts
AltTabMe.com's Wildstar Podcast
A WildStar podcast from the AltTabMe.com gaming community
Challenge Acceptd
Home of the weekly Challenge Accepted live chat show
Late Night Dominion (On Twitch)
The First Live Talk Show about everything Wildstar related
Mission: Nexus Podcast
A new entry to the WildStar podcasting scene
Nexus Weekly (on WildStar Central)
The first weekly podcast show for WildStar
Planet Nexus (on WildStar Fans)
The latest podcast to the WildStar community
A weekly WildStar podcast from the MOG Nation podcast network
WildStar Radio
A WildStar podcast from the makers of Corellian Run Radio
Twitter to Follow
Official: @Team_WildStar, @Carbine_Studios
Carbine Community Team: @CRB_Aether, @CRB_Atreid, @CRB_Scooter
Fansites: @WildStarCentral, @NexusWeekly, @WildStarRadio, @WildStarForums
               @WildStarRP, @Wildstar_Fans, @WarPlots, @NexusTravelCo, @MissionNexus, @WildcastPodcast, @WS_Base
Mar 8, 2013
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