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Movable Frames 0.6

Move frames around

  1. Elidion
    Movable Frames is a simple U.I. unlocker that allows you to move elements of the UI to where you please.

    Type /mf to bring up the menu, check the items you wish to move and once they're set, uncheck them.


    • Action Bar
    • Buff Bar
    • Cast Bar
    • Datachron
    • Debuff Bar
    • Experience Bar
    • Breath Bar
    • Health Bar
    • Interface Menu
    • Inventory Bag
    • Loot Notification Window
    • Quest Tracker
    • Recall Frame
    • Resource Frame
    • Sprint Meter
    In 0.3 you can now resize the windows, and it actually remembers the position of the Movable Frames Interface (Ironic it was left out previously)

    In 0.4 fixed some bugs that would pop up if you had an old version, added ability to show coords and move pad. Also added a settings import feature (you need to manually save your profile for your profile to show up on the list until the API gets fixed.

    0.5 Fixed issue with Quest Tracker auto re-sizing itself to oblivion.

    0.6 Added Buff Bar and Debuff Bar and also made gave the castbar a proper border so you can move it without casting. Fixed a few minor bugs I found, settings reset.