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Spellslinger Healing: Getting Started

An introduction to healing as a Spellslinger

  1. Irullan

    Spellslinger PVE Healing

    Beginner's Guide

    Newly updated 4/28/14 for Build 6637!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Sleeping
    Detailed and deep guide. My gratitude!
  2. Gotcha89
    Great guide/advise. I will be coming back to this offen on my track to 50.

    I know that you didnt mention addons, but I would suggest HealBuddy or one like it. It does 2 key things, give you a color-coded arrow for party member that needs to be healed and will craft a macro to target the member with lowest health( for single target healing).

    The arrow alone is worth it, to help keep track of where to send your next heal.
    1. Irullan
      Author's Response
      Great idea , Ill check that out! I have tried trackmaster, which sounds similar, and found it helpful :)
  3. Doobious
    Thanks for the Detailed guide... I look forward to more of your posts
    1. Irullan
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much! Look forward to writing more :)
  4. medicatingnexus
    Great guide to Slinger Heals
    1. Irullan
      Author's Response
      High praise coming from a great player like you! Thanks :)