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_Suggestion_ for community contest

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Pixie, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Pixie

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    Feb 9, 2013
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    So, this is probably not the place, but I'm not sure where something like this belongs, so I guess I'll just hope someone sees it and maybe likes the idea, if it's a good one that is...:confused:

    I really, really love the visuals for Wildstar, I've always preferred stylized over realistic, colourful over earthy/dark, so Wildstar fits my taste in game graphics better than anything I've ever seen before.

    The ONLY thing I am less than wild about when it comes to the visual designs is, well, the quest markers. Yes, the exclamation marks. It may just be me, though, but I feel like the rest of the game is both fancy looking and has this very special wild west/steampunk/cartoon/sci fi look to it, and there are options out there that fit better into that than clean-cut yellow exclamation marks...

    Sure, they're fine, they do their job and they are easy to understand and see, and sure if you, Carbine, want them changed the halls of your palace is filled with incredibly talented artists who could probably snap their fingers and come up with something else, but it dawned on me that this thing, this small but significant art piece, could be the perfect excuse for a truly meaningful community contest!

    I mean think about it, there's so many talented people on this forum, and I'm sure there's a bunch more among your other fansites, twitter followers, facebook followers etc, and if you look at contests like the banner contest for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, the standard of the contributions was really high, and very inspired...

    Looking at the community effort to design a gear slot, there's a lot of fun, interesting and downright awesome suggestions, and I'm sure the same would be true with quest markers...

    Not to mention the fact that the winner would get to see their work, in use, every day in-game, and would have an incredible note to add to their achievements...

    All I'm saying is, it would be cool if it was to come up for consideration...
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