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Achievements, Pets and Titles with in game perks?

Discussion in 'Gaming Arena' started by VooDoo, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. VooDoo

    VooDoo Cupcake-About-Town

    Aug 19, 2011
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    I've recently been playing a game that has an achievement system where different achievements reward you with points depending on the achievement. Some offer more than others. With these points you can purchase a few things for your account or character, such as fluff pets, reputation bonuses, item enchantment gems, fluff gear and even a mount for a high number of points.

    This same gamee has a really interesting pet system, where any player/class can own a pet and you can even have a pet taming profession to tame certain beasts in the wild. Pets arent really required in the game, but they do add an interesting aspect into the game. Each pet has a purpose, theyre not fluff or vanity. At early levels most just buff you, and at later levels (which their size grows) they learn more offensive skills or active skills such as healing to heal you with.

    This is different than say, WoW where a certain type of achievement may grant you an in game item or perk (which I found frustrating, why are there even points in that game?). I really think this is a great idea and definitely has me going out of my way to complete achievements.

    Another game I've spent quite a bit of time playing has a title system for completing achievements, and with each title comes different bonuses. So lets say you earned the title "slayer", by wearing this title you might be granted a bonus to your attk. power. This is also something I really like, though there are titles that certain classes probably shouldnt use, I can see this being an issue for some players who want to wear the "slayer" title but are healers (or something like that)

    I guess my point of this thread is that I like to see certain things in game to have an actual effect. I do like fluff pets, but I like a fluff pet that increases my crit a lot better. Titles are cool too, but if I know theres a title that can buff my role Im going to be more likely to obtain it. Same with achievements. I have really no reason to obtain achievements in most games because..well to me theres no point in it. Especially if I have to complete every...single...achievement in the game for a pink pony.. Im just not doing it. However, give me some points to spend on a fluff piece of costume gear and Im all over it.

    ya..thats my rant for the day :) Im really glad to see MMO's starting to "get it". Gamers like to be rewarded, often. They like customization and individuality. Anything else is all stick and no carrot.
  2. Dyraele

    Dyraele "That" Cupcake

    Aug 23, 2011
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    Arizona, USA
    Yes, I like that type of system since the items are something you earn. I would hate to have a shop where you can buy the stuff will real money.

    I think the key words are in the last paragraph. Players like frequent rewards, at least I do. I wouldn't mind a reward of some type every level. Of course, this does not count the rewards for achievements not related to levels. As I like playing healer types, I will use that as an example like you did. I would like to see titles for achieving different levels of healing. This could be based on how many times you healed, how many crit heals you have had, how many group heals you did, how many heals of a specific type, etc. This could really diversify the types of titles each class had.
  3. starspun

    starspun Well-Known Cupcake

    Aug 15, 2011
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    I prefer having to complete a certain achievement for a particular reward over achievements giving you points to spend on whatever piece of fluff you want, readily available on a merchant. I find much more satisfaction in completing one difficult achievement that gives me a cool title or mount than I do in completing several minor ones for enough points to buy the very same thing - and makes me feel like I actually achieved something, compared to grinding out achievements for points.

    I also don't care for stat bonuses being tied to titles or companion pets or any other piece of fluff. It's called fluff for a reason: it has no actual effect on gameplay. No matter how small the bonus is, it's still a bonus, and many people will end up using something they don't want to just because it's got better stats (incidentally, also why having appearance slots or similar is so important).

    Sort of off-but-also-on-topic: think of achievement points such as in WoW or Rift or on PS3/360 as a sort of high score. I find they make a lot more sense that way.
  4. SiegaPlays

    SiegaPlays "That" Cupcake

    Sep 14, 2011
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    I like achievements, a lot.

    That said, if the game has both a store and an achievement system, I would prefer to see half the fluff in the store, and items that does something game changing as (meta) achievement rewards. Think we have a thread somewhere else about what we like or do not like to see in a store.
    Titles should go to completing meta achievements and maybe server firsts. The rest of the fluff could be event drops, rare drops, role playing achievements (bow to your faction leader, flex at the damsel in distress, etc.).

    Example: All pets from the store can be aquired by achievements/rare drops/rare crafting complexity procs in the game. But only the tiered meta achievement of aquiring 10-25-50-100 pets enables the pet ability to buff.

    Another thing is how the point system works. If someone gets an achievement from killing boss#1 in area level 20 while he is level 20, then he should get more points than if he does it at level 50. This would be less of a problem if people who are higher level got auto-mentored down to the level of the area they are in though. Never seen a game that auto prune toons down temporary to the level of the area they are in, but I think it would solve some problems.

    I do not mind getting credit for having done it, but it is a greater achievement to do at the right level than at max level - unless the achievement is for max level content.

    Thus having achievement points work as an accomplishment highscore for the competitive minded, I would like to see leaderboards for total points, points in single player achievements (incl.: kill counts, open world exploring etc.), group player achievements (incl.: group dungeons, dungeon exploring, and group quests, etc.), raid/guild player achievements (incl.: raid bosses, exploring raid dungeons, open world raid targets/nodes), and by categories, as pvp, exploring, crafting, and maybe even level category.

    I like to see achievements for every area of the game. Class, race, path, craft, pvp, battlegrounds/warfronts/open world pvp targets, exploring areas and specific points of interest (like the highest point, the deepest lake, the darkest room, points of lore, cities etc.), RP.
    Then I like to see meta achievements that crisscross, (like one for all the highest points in all areas, one for all points in one area, etc.), and super meta achievements for the meta achievements, like all meta achievements in the category exploring or all meta achievements for a specific area. I am possibly missing a couple of categories :p

    Achievements should cover all aspects of a game and reward the different playstyles as evenly as possible.

    Over for now.
  5. Blue Skunk

    Blue Skunk New Cupcake

    Dec 14, 2011
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    Being a more than slightly OCD completionist, achievements are the key to keeping track with how much game is left to explore.

    Achievement lists can also help people that might not really know what they want to do - pick an achievement and go for it.

    I like the idea of earning rewards both vanity or useful. As long as the prize is suitably reflected in the tasks performed.
  6. Ixath

    Ixath New Cupcake

    Dec 8, 2011
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    I like the badge system in City of Heroes. I also like the way the titles work in EQ2 (granted, I only played EQ2 for a few months after its initial release so things may have changed)..

    I like getting a title or badge for killing 100, 500, 1000, etc. of a specific mob. "Skeleton Crusher" "Skeleton Slayer" "Skeleton Bane" or whatever. This could carry over to all mob types. I also think it'd be neat if each title granted certain bonuses for that specific mob, where Skeleton Bane might provide 5% resists to all attacks from skeleton creatures. I'm not a fan of any type of bonus system for titles other than keeping a count of the titles you have. If something in a game gives character bonuses (no matter how small) there will become a time when those bonuses will be required to do a certain part of content, and people will be discriminated against unless they have that specific title/bonus.

    Either way, I'm a fan of a ton of achievements/titles/badges. The player should always be earning something to give a sense of progress.

    Again, though, I've never been a fan of granting bonuses to the player for doing optional things in games. I don't think PVP should have individual rewards and I don't think titles should give any type of reward. Doing those things and being good at them is a reward in itself.

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