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Recruiting <AoD> Agents of Death

Discussion in 'Guilds, Circles and Warparty Recruitment [Closed]' started by Exo, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Exo

    Exo New Cupcake

    Sep 14, 2013
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    New York, New York
    Hey guys, like many others, doing a little early recruitment.
    AoD is a guild based around a group of core players that started in SWG. Other MMO's we played on a large scale are SWG, LotRO, and most recently SWToR. We also had smaller but active groups in WoW, EQ2, and GW2.
    We just brought back our website, and are in the process of updating it to work with Wildstar. If you are interested in joining us and taking Nexus by storm, check it out and apply on our main page.
    Some Info
    Time Zone : Primarily EST, but we have members from Europe to West Coast USA
    Age Group : We have no restrictions, but we are mostly adults who act like kids. In a good way.
    Faction : Undecided. You can be a part of the decision!
    Server Style : PvP
    Server Name: Placeholder for when such things exist.
    Focus : PvX, Social; Just plain having fun. We love crafters, we can't wait for the housing system to host server wide parties. Combat wise, we don't focus on a single element. We have PvP lovers, Dungeon lovers, and we do our best to offer a wide array of organized activities.
    Leadership : It will be catered to Wildstar upon launch. In the past we have had a Leader with 3 elected positions focused on Combat, Economy, and Guild functions.
    Guild Content : Again, it will be catered to Wildstar once we know more about it. We have used an in guild ranking system, and that will be reflective on guild functionality in Wildstar.
    Thats all for now. Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Extatica

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    Feb 17, 2013
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    Good luck with the guild, I see you already Registered :up:

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