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NA ~Armour~ Hardcore Raiding

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Detest, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Detest

    Detest Guest

    Hello my name is Detest and I am the Guild/Raid Leader of ~Armour~. We stem from deep roots of raiding in previous MMOs, and recently decided to check out Wildstar and to no surprise are as excited as everyone else here. We're looking to start a very competitive raiding guild to push ourselves for some server first kills in WS. Currently we are building from the ground up and want to ensure a strong foundation with a nice head start upon launch.
    You can definitely expect at least 4 nights a week of raiding on average (probably more during progression) around 6pm-1am central (times will be decided at a later date this is just a rough estimate.) We expect all of our members that will be interested in raiding to be lvl cap within the first week of launch and with a decent knowledge of all the bosses when they come to fruition. We have a small motto that helps us exemplify what we are looking for in a raider.


    Positive - No matter what happens enjoy what you do and keep a smile on. A wipe is a wipe a bad attitude is not gonna help us kill the boss.

    Respect - No matter who you are you will be treated with respect by anyone in our guild and we expect the same from you; guildies, friends, pugs.

    Intensity - Whatever you may be doing you better be doing it the best you can do it. Dps need to do everything they can to be the top and never settle for less, Healers should be striving to keep health bars full at all times, and Tanks should aim to be a god.

    Discipline - My officers and me can't be present every second of the day, take responsibility and do what is right even when no one is looking.

    Every Time - Do the above, every day. No Exceptions. If it's not done right, we do it again.

    If the above can be followed you will not only succeed as a raider but you will be an asset to our roster. If this sounds of any interest to you just message me directly via mail or in the comments, please be sure to leave some type of contact info as there will be a short interview where we will just ensure you are not bat <REDACTED> insane or immature for what we're looking for.

  2. Detest

    Detest Guest

    Raid times have been decided, we will be raiding from 6pm-11pmPST 9pm-2amEST, days have not been decided due to not knowing reset days yet. Expect at least 4 days a week.

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