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NA [Avatus] Tabula Rasa - 2/6 GA, 9 hours a week! Recruiting 2-3 strong DPS!

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Jorlyn, Aug 11, 2014.

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    [1.] When was <Tabula Rasa> founded and what have you done since that time?
    - Our guild took root in the original Rift BETA back in February of 2011 and became an official guild shortly after launch. In the over 3 years since our founding, we claimed many top 10 world kills, spanning all raid content in Rift. We defeated EVERY end game boss in Rift in their pre-nerf states and got the world first conqueror achievement in the Endless Eclipse raid. With each new content push we revise our methods and become even better and more efficient at what we do. We closed shop as a raiding guild in Rift in May of 2013, but have continued to play together since in other games and reformed in Wildstar on the Avatus server. We are currently in GA in our first week and are working on the first boss.

    [2.] What makes <Tabula Rasa> better than the competition?
    - Our guild only raids 9 hours a week, we have holidays off, we take rest breaks during raids, and we don't add extra raiding hours during progression. Despite this minimalistic raiding schedule, we are still able to complete content that takes other guilds many more hours to finish. How can a guild only raiding 9 hours a week possibly compete with guilds raiding 12 to 40 hours a week (30%-400% more raiding)? Simple, we have tremendously skilled players! We also truly believe in the adage: work smarter, not harder. We are organized, efficient, and we work well as a team. Aside from these other benefits, we even provide ALL raiding consumables to our raiders!

    [3.] OK so you're a top raiding guild, you must have a lot of egotistical pricks right?
    - Simply put, these types of individuals are not allowed in our guild. We believe that personality is nearly as important as raid ability and will never recruit someone based on skill alone. To help minimize drama, we maintain a strict recruitment cap and never over-recruit. We also take time to make sure our guild will be a good fit for future members. This is accomplished with a quick and informal introductory chat with all new recruits. By being more selective, we are able to recruit members who are skilled, competent, competitive and also just fun to be around. Of course we still have a competitive raiding environment, we just take that extra step to ensure that we maintain a drama-free atmosphere.

    [4.] How do I know that once I join <Tabula Rasa> the guild won't dissolve like other guilds I've seen and been in?
    - As we mentioned before, the history of <Tabula Rasa> goes back over 3 years! How is this sort of longevity achieved when guilds often crumble under poor management, burnout, and long progression droughts? Well, our guild is built on a redundant leadership core, meaning any one leader can literally vanish and it would not affect the overall health of the guild! We do not believe in being dependent on any one person. We have class leaders and an upper level council system so that guild changes are well planned and effectively implemented. We also have weekly guild meetings to keep members informed of potential changes and allow them to air concerns, ideas, and opinions. Member feedback is always encouraged and appreciated.

    [5.] Sounds good so far, but will I actually enjoy the people I'm guilded with?
    - Raiding with us is entertaining to say the least. Even after multiple days on a tough boss we are able to laugh at ourselves and not feel like ripping each other apart. We have no problem pointing out mistakes, in a constructive way, using them as a learning tool so others can avoid the same pitfalls. New members often complain about how bad the raiding atmosphere was in their previous guild. We just don't see the point in raiding with people that we can't stand being around. The gear we get will eventually be replaced but our bonds of friendship help keep us sane during the difficult days. In the end, adversity ends up bringing us closer together.
    There is a reason we maintained nearly 80% of our original raid core for a period of over 2 years in Rift. Even members who have quit the game, or who are unable to raid with us due to RL changes, often keep in contact because of the strong bonds formed here. Lastly, we also have a large casual core of members who enjoy aspects of gaming outside of raiding. We typically have 15-20 people on at any given time who are engaged in a variety of activities, so you will usually always have plenty of guildmates online to do things with.

    [Final Progression in Rift]
    * [World 4th Conqueror] - Frozen Tempest
    * [World 1st Conqueror] - Endless Eclipse
    * [World 6th] - All Hardmodes

    [Raid Information]
    Monday, 6-9PM PST
    Tuesday, 6-9PM PST
    Thursday, 6-9PM PST

    Our raid time: 6 - 9pm PST (US Pacific Time = Wildstar Server Time Zone)
    * 6 - 9pm PST is equal to the following:
    * 7 - 10pm MST (US Mountain Time)
    * 8 - 11pm CST (US Central Time)
    * 9 - 12pm EST (US Eastern Time)

    [More Information]
    If we've sparked your interest then please contact Jorlyn in game on Avatus or simply Email us @ tabula.rasa.rift@gmail.com if you have further questions. For more information check our Guild Website or click the link below to be taken directly to our guild application form. If accepted we will contact you within 1-2 days to setup a mumble interview and discuss more information about our guild.

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