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Best way to handle loot? (Part Deux)

Discussion in 'Guilds, Circles and Warparties General' started by Kinnabari, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Kinnabari

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    Mar 3, 2014
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    <Admin Edit> Moved to a new thread, rather than necro'ing year old posts. ( Original discussion )</Admin Edit>

    Here's the main problem with Loot Council. The players don't need to be corrupt for it to malfunction. They just need to be human. Loot distribution can be complex and seeing the "big picture" of 40+ people and their various states of gearing is a lot of moving pieces. It's so easy to simply make an honest mistake. It's not as simple as "her sword is worse than his sword, so she should get the new sword." Her gear overall might be a lot better than his, or because of his role in the raid, he might be better off getting the sword. So even though a well-run Loot Council can POTENTIALLY make the best decisions for the raid, because we're all human beings who are doing a lot of multi-tasking while participating in/running a raid, in PRACTICE that doesn't always play out as perfectly as it ought to, even with a group of intelligent, fair people with excellent intentions at the helm.

    I'm a huge fan of EPGP. I used it for years as a raid leader. After also serving for years as a non-corrupt, trustworthy Loot Council member--this is a super-stressful job, by the way--it was such a relief to swap to a transparent, fair system, that in the long run (i.e. several raids) loot distribution works out more or less the same as it would with a Loot Council. That means, sure THIS raid maybe not every piece is distributed in the PERFECT most ideal way but over the course of 4-5 raids it'll work out beautifully, with zero drama, and a fraction of the time and effort and stress. With a 40-man raid, I think transparency, fairness, swiftness, and efficiency are absolutely the order of the day. Several years of using that system for a 25-man raid, no drama, worked great. Pure win.
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  2. Warfromabove

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    EPGP or DKP is the best way to do it for 40 mans. You'll have a very hard time trying to FAIRLY distribute loot across that many people with any other system.

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