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Best way to operate a guild

Discussion in 'Guilds, Circles and Warparties General' started by Seventhday, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. SiegaPlays

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    Sep 14, 2011
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    Before recruiting, be very sure what it is you actually want your guild to be longterm.

    Assuming you want to feel like leading it - and why else creating it? - it have to be something that is what you want to do on a longterm basis, not just for the summer or half a semester. Otherwise your reign as leader will suffer greatly and you will feel like it is a chore and a duty to log on to a character in the guild, and eventually you will let people down, who joined for longterm reasons.

    Changing horses every other month is not good either. Members and recruits have to be able to rely on the purpose of the guild, so while fine tuning if good, turning the guild into something else intirely -- because your life changed -- without a majority consent is not. If it comes to that, you have to be mature enough to determine if you need to step down for someone with the initiative to work on what the guild is, so the majority in the guild can keep going the direction as they want to. Leave a legacy you will be remembered fondly by, rather than shambles of what once were.

    Guilds are not democracy, you are the dictator of where your guild is going. Listening to members is always a good idea though.
    That makes it important to make sure to primarily invite people, who are on par with the core intend of the guild. Otherwise you will find discontent groupings, who wants to try change the guild all over the place rather than change their guild tags for something more along the lines of what they want.

    Make an official rule/guideline/memo on how the guild is going to be run and what expectations are both ways. Be transparent with what you want from your members and what the members can expect from you as a guild leader, from officers and other titles, and from the guild at large.

    "Omg people are whispering me all the time, during raids, when I am farming and just need some lone time, all the time". This could be a direct quote of guild leader I had. Be prepared for people wanting to take up every little super in/significant detail of their guild participation or game life with your personally.
    Make sure to have some rules about when to relay what type of communication and to whom.

    It will harm the guild if the guild leader have to jump on an unknown alt to enjoy him/herself at all in the game due to people wanting the guild leaders opinion and input on everything.

    It is not a commercial, so don't over advertise, it is better to recruit through word of mouth of satisfied members / member sponsorship.

    Also include how to approach topics not on the guilds core list, the extra curricular content, so people knows how to go about making their sing-a-long-mumble choir in your hardcore crafting guild.

    If you want to stear your guild true, you have to be critical with not only who you invite, but even more so with who you give extra permissions in the guild environment. It is always good to have some people with a long track record of good judgement, stability and trustworthiness. People, who agree with the core intend of the guild. If you have to promote virtual strangers to get help guild managing, do not turn over too much power until they have shown how competent they are at helping and how trustworthy. Nothing goes as bad as people, who can not handle the power. If it is better for the guild to demote them again, do it, it is better to have one leave in a huff if they can not manage it, than have members leave because of mismanagement.

    Otherwise you may wake up one morning with the guild bank coffers at zero, members kicked or the guild chat turned into a weekly nighttime soap episode with people leaving the guild.

    I could go on... I will spare you all though, and sign off.
  2. Zyd

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    Jul 16, 2013
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    This is a sensitive matter sometimes, there's not a single method that allows you to operate a guild succesfully. I've been member, officer and gm of mostly all known methods, and while i though sometimes that guilds should be lead in some specific way, then i realized that how you operate your guilds is up to the members or the founding members to decide, if there's hard work and everyone aims for the same goals you will eventually get there as a guild.

    However there're some factors like keeping away trollish behavior at minimum, keep motivated your guild members, learn to manage cliques, teach your members and officers to be vocal and express themselves, inculcate that hard work not only rewards you in the game but also in the guild, etc; that should be tackled by every guild, no matter the system they follow.
  3. Ico

    Ico Moderator • WSC's Gentle Flower

    Mar 27, 2013
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    This, one million times this. The biggest problem I think Guild leadership suffers is how your guild of 40-60 people is actually about 5-6 groups of 7-8 people. You have to approach it so you're not telling players who they "can't" play with, but instead encouraging to take some fresher faces in their groups up.

    A word of caution, don't try and incentivise the cliques playing against each other - it's hilarious but means you have to do a lot of post fall-out recruiting :p
  4. Carlos Oliveira

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    Jul 28, 2013
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    Well, when I had my guild in another game we cleared a good part of the content quickly. The atmosphere in the guild was relaxed but at the same time strict when someone messed up. If someone isn't strict with another member when he messses up with "stupidity" then all the other members will soon be tired and not giving their best and start to lose focus. For me that's the main principle of mantaining a guild that wants to clear all the end content of a game.

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