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Boom Box Issue response..

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by gentlestar, Jun 18, 2014.

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    I had issues with a couple boom boxes and wildstar support got back to me... so maybe this will help others so they dont get a million support issues for the same thing.. lol I didn't kow there was even mount flair lol

    Hello Nexian!

    At this time we are unable to provide restorations for Boom Box issues. The reason for this is that we have been unable to verify that Boom Boxes are not consistently granting items to characters once they are opened. I've included some further information below that may help to determine what happened with the Boom Box or the item received from the Boom Box when it was opened. I understand this is a long response, please be sure to at least skim the paragraphs below to find information that might be pertinent to your particular issue.

    Boom Boxes were awarded specifically and only for logging in during the Pre-order Beta Weekends and Open Beta. If you did not participate in those events you will not be eligible to receive Boom Boxes. If you were able to log into the realms prior to Headstart but after May 18, 2014, you would not be eligible to receive Boom Boxes.

    With regard to the number of Boom Boxes players have received, the calculations and distributions done by our supercomputers are final. Support cannot override them, or give you more. Don’t fret, Boom-Boxes will always be a free gift from us to you. Keep an eye out for announcements of more fantastical giveaways in the future.

    We are aware of an issue that can cause the Boom Box to seemingly disappear once it has been removed from the Account Inventory. This is a display error caused by synching issues which we are looking into. However, players that have had this occur have noted that logging out and back into the game, or zoning to a new area sometime later will result in the item reappearing. Unfortunately, we do not have a static time for how long it takes for the item to reappear, some players have reported it may have been an hour or more. If you see an error stating you cannot salvage the item, this is related to the above issue.

    With regard to missing items after opening the Boom Box, there may be some confusion due to the fact there is no messaging in chat letting the character know what item was received when the Boom Box was opened. We have reported this issue so that it can be looked into as soon as possible and possibly changed so that less confusion occurs. Note, by default, whenever an item is provided to your character, regardless of whether a chat log is given, a loot icon will temporarily appear next to your character that shows the item’s icon and name. If you do not see this notification appear, you may want to check Addons to see if one has errored or any third party addons you may be using that may have moved this notification to another location. Logging in and out may also correct the issue where the Bind to Character button does not become active when the Boom Box is selected.

    If you notice your inventory did not receive an item, this will be because the Boom Box provided your character with a Tradeskill material, such as Ore & Gems, Wood, Elemental Signs, etc, that is provided a slot in your Tradeskill bag. To view your Tradeskill bag, click on the hammer icon at the bottom of your inventory window.

    We've also seen players report they received a Mount but that was not added to their Mounts interface. In these cases we've seen players actually received a piece of Mount Flair. These items, like Mounts, will be placed in the Mounts interface of your character window. However, these items will only be visible when a Mount that can use them is available and is being viewed.

    Some players have noted that after a crash they are not seeing any items within the Account Inventory. This should be only a display error and some players have been able to workaround this issue by creating a new character. Once done the Account Inventory functions normally.

    The LUA error players were experiencing has been resolved. You should no longer be experiencing this issue at this time. However, if you do experience any LUA errors when using any default features of the game, please be sure to submit a bug report using /bug.

    If you are wanting to move a claimed Boom Box or the item it provides to another character, once a Boom Box is removed from Account Inventory, no other character is able to claim that particular Boom Box. The WildStar Support Team will be unable to move that item, or any item it provides, to another character once it is claimed from Account Inventory.

    We apologize for any confusion the above issues may cause. Please let us know if you have any other questions. In the meantime, we wish you luck with your adventures on Nexus!

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