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Recruiting Bored of silence or inactivity? STATE OF EXILE is looking for members Social Guild (Zhur)

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Seduker, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Seduker

    Seduker New Cupcake

    Jun 20, 2014
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    Woolston, Southampton
    Welcome fellow Exiles, our guild State of Exile is currently looking for new members.

    We want to build a social guild and community that every member will feel good being part of

    For now we focus on leveling (yeah that was kind of obvious), later we want to do dungeons and warplots, we also have ppl that are playing PvP so if

    thats your thing you will find others to fight with by your side !

    We dont have any level cap, we wont be throwing you out of guild for not logging in for few days,

    we also have our lifes and know some things are more important, the only things we want our players to have are :

    - mature mind

    - good sense of humor

    We are going more into casual side of the gaming since most of us has jobs, so you dont need to be worried about getting kicked for not logging in for day or two or even three! [​IMG]

    We have our own website, forums and a Team-Speak server. We dont force our players to use Team-Speak but later on while doing dungeons and warplots/PvP playing

    without it seems impossible, so we appreciate if you have it.

    No age limits - dont act like a kid and everything will be okay, drama makers and trolls will be kicked asap, we are here

    to help eachother not annoy.

    If you need more info or simply want to join whisper me in game (IGN - Ehay) or our guild leader Seduker, or feel free

    to ask and leave msg here [​IMG]

    We do recruitment Through Teamspeak so come and talk to us!!

    That would be it, if you think playing with us might be fun - dont be shy join us up right now at http://stateofexile.enjin.com/ !​

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