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C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal)

Discussion in 'Gaming Arena' started by Konoko, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Konoko

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    Apr 4, 2013
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    C9 is another Action MMO similar to Vindictus.

    I tried playing this one a while back and stopped, I believe due to the lack of key-bindings available to me, I'll discuss that later.

    This video is actually a nice overview of this game and I enjoyed watching this full video. The reviewer is easy to listen to and does a good job going over the basics of the game. This video is rather old and ignore the part about the classes being gender locked as that is not the case now. This video was done when the game was still in NA CB.

    The game is several years old and was brought over to the U.S. (released 7/11/2012).

    Official Site: http://c9.webzen.com/main

    In regards to key-bindings I'm very particular in the way I setup my keys for each game. There is clear logic in the way I organize my binds. This is done so they make sense and and allow for easy quick use. C9 does not currently allow modifiers such as "Shift+A". This to me is unforgivable. I'm still looking for ways around this. I've only played the game a few hours so I may be able to clean up my skills and find a way to implement them in a effective manner. Also, I cannot bind MB4 or MB5 (mouse button 4 or 5). Again, I find this unforgivable. I tend to bind my most used combat skills to my mouse. I typically will have mouse buttons 3, 4, and 5 bound with mods. So that accounts for 6 abilities (ie. MB3, Shift+MB3, MB4, Shift+MB4, etc...). I don't use a razor as I've tried them in the past and found their build quality and longevity to be a real issue. I also found them to be too small, and as I'm a lifter not a pusher/gripper, the size of the mouse caused issues (lifter's lift the mouse with their fingertips to move it across the pad, pushers typically move their arm or grip the mouse with their hand which tends to give you less feel, control, and precision). This is very noticeable in a FPS game when you are doing something very precise like sniping.

    Ok enough of that. The game itself is quite fun and the game engine is very very smooth. Even though the game is old the graphics are still pretty decent. I spent around 2 hours playing this last night and I think people who are not familiar with Action MMO's or feel they don't really like them should force themselves to play C9 for a day or 2. They may find that it's not so bad. I understand why you may like to just stand still and cast spells as there is a relaxed vibe to that and I like doing that myself from time to time. Still, though, getting into a large group of mobs and slice and dicing them to ribbons also has it's own rewards.

    The game is heavily instanced like Vindictus but so far I may find myself enjoying this quite a bit more than Vindictus.

    One major difference is Vindictus seemed to have a memory leak. After 2 or 3 instance runs I definitely had a noticeable drop in performance and the game started to lag. I have not seen this in C9 at all. It runs much better than Vindictus on my machine. In the video review the reviewer also comments on this as well.

    Once I figure out my binds I'll take some video of myself in game and add it to this thread. Hopefully tonight.

    This game does have crafting and Guilds but I'm not quite sure how this all works atm.

    It also has the very common subclass system. At level 20 you can do your class change. For example the Witchblade can become a Warden, Slayer or Bladedancer.

    Action MMO's and Traditional Sandbox MMO's or themepark MMO's will someday merge IMO. I've talked about this many times but I just feel this is where the genre is heading.

    Hope you liked my nooby assessment of C9. More to come..

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