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LFG Dedicated player Looking for Guild

Discussion in 'Seeking Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Venality, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Venality

    Venality Guest

    I am currently seeking a guild with their eyes set on raiding within the early stages of Wildstar's launch. Unfortunately none of my few real life friends show any interest in playing this game and I have been without an online gaming community, since I quit playing League of Legends in December. Though I think of myself as a way above average played I realize that not everyone can be this awesome. The guild I seek doesn't have to be perfect and get all the world firsts. (Though I wouldn't be opposed to these things) I'm just looking for a guild that can actually fill its raid roster and consistently show some kind of raiding progression. Anyways here is a list of some information about me and what I am looking for.

    Server- PvP preferred but willing to play on PvE servers
    Class- I intend to Role Stalker because I've never played a stealth class and trying to make this game a very fresh experience for myself.
    Raid Times- Any day, Anywhere between 5Pm- 1AM PST (I work mornings always have weekends off)
    My experience - World of Warcraft is the only game I have really raided in. Over the years I played I raided as every role efficiently with the exception of tank which I just never played at all. I played WoW since Black Wing in classic up till Ulduar in Wotlk, clearing all 25/40 man content all the way up to 25 man Alone in the Darkness and Firestarter... never got those.
    I quit WoW during Ulduar and Went to League of Legends for the next few years. I was Gold season 1, Gold season 2, and Diamond season 3 and in the top 200 Janna players U.S during my active time.

    Anyways I've never though joining a pre launch guild was a good idea but I don't have friends or an gaming group right now so figured I would test my luck.
  2. Lycati

    Lycati New Cupcake

    Apr 2, 2014
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    Hi Venality, are you set on dominion?
  3. Venality

    Venality Guest

    I love draken to much but I might be able to settle on aurin
  4. Lycati

    Lycati New Cupcake

    Apr 2, 2014
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    Draken are pretty awesome, if I were to roll Dommie, that'd be the race I'd fall in love with. If you want to tease the idea of an Exile guild that'll be running two 40 man raid groups, go to http://www.drow.org

    Other than the faction difference, we pretty much excel in what you're looking for.
  5. Lycati

    Lycati New Cupcake

    Apr 2, 2014
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    In addition, even though you're west coast, our (b)East team's raid time works perfect for you. It'd be 5-9 your time.
  6. Darkzangetzu

    Darkzangetzu Guest

    Check out http://wildstar.immortal-sanctum.net/home. We are a gaming community that has been around for 3 years now and we are heading to wild-star (we will be Exiles), I will send you a PM with more info if you are interested.
  7. Eurlin

    Eurlin New Cupcake

    Feb 5, 2014
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    Check us out and see if we fit your needs. We're semi-hardcore in the sense that if we want something done...we get it done. our raid times are currently planned for Thursday 6pm PST and Sunday 3pm PST with more days to come closer to release. We'll be rolling Exile on a PvP server, and personally i think you'll enjoy both factions on this game if you give them a chance.

    Best of luck in your search if you have any questions let me know
  8. Detest

    Detest Guest

    Hello Venality, I'm guild leader of Armour and we will be a hardcore progression based guild upon launch. I believe your times will fit ours, currently we have all roles open so stalker would also be a fine choice. If you want to know more about our mentality towards raiding then I suggest you check out our forum post here (http://wildstar-central.com/threads/armour-hardcore-raiding.8700/).

    I'm also happy to inform you that we will be Dominion, I myself love the Mechari. If you have any questions/concerns or are interested please don't hesitate to PM me or just reply to this thread. There will be a short interview via teamspeak if we fit your criteria, just making sure you're not insane and you are willing to commit to a 4+ day raid schedule. I look forward to hearing from you.
  9. amirthra

    amirthra Guest

    Come join Dominion ^__^ Currently voting on our forums on pvp/pve choice, but in our guild pvp usually wins.
    SG is a gaming clan that has been around 14 years. We hope to be the last time you will ever have to apply for a guild. We plan Dominion on NA EST server for WS launch. We are mature guild 18+, we use teamspeak and require members to be in TS when in game as communication = winning, we want balance and believe in quality over quantity. We hope to have you join the ranks. You can read up on us here or apply to join us here.
  10. Hellspawnx

    Hellspawnx Cupcake

    May 29, 2013
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    Hello I am Guild Leader of Death Destruction Mayhem [DDM] We've been a gaming community since 1999. We have a lot of MMO experience several years in WoW, Guildwars and many other MMO's.

    We have fantastic raid leads and class leads. Our Raiding schedule fits what your looking for perfectly. I am 34 myself and most of our members are old mature members. We strongly believe in Quality over Quantity.

    We are very social, we like to shoot the <REDACTED> on trash pulls but get serious on boss fights. if this sounds like a guild you might be interested in, then go to www.fraghard.com/wildstar

  11. Guild Mom

    Guild Mom Guest

    Greetings Greenhorn!

    MOG Nation would like to invite YOU to join us in our quest to conquer Nexus. What is MOG Nation? Well, I'm glad you asked. MOG Nation is an ever-growing 18+ gaming community that supports an assortment of different play styles and games. Maturity, respect, and understanding that real life often trumps a video game - these things are top priority. As a community we uphold strong values and concepts such as:
    • Making sure all players have mutual respect for one another.
    • Having an open mind to the schedule of working professionals and parents.
    • Encompassing a wide range of play styles from Hardcore to Casual.
    • Supporting players interested in ALL aspects of MMO game play from PVP to PVE to Crafting and Exploration.
    • Community members that want to engage in productive discussions about the gaming industry.
    • Making sure each member has at least ten heads of the opposing faction mounted on the walls of their house.
    • Having more fun than a Rowsdower in a grass-eating contest.

    MOG Nation aims to be a “one-stop-shop” for your MMO gaming needs. That being the case, we are happy to support not one, but TWO WildStar guilds! MOG in Exile is our Exile guild based on a PVE server and MOG Domination is our Dominion guild that will be on a PvP server. So, how will we meet your WildStar needs, you ask? Not only do we have an amazing group of people already recruited into both guilds, but we also provide everyone with up-to-date information on all things WildStar using our bustling forums, adventure-filled articles by our editing staff, and best of all Wildcast, a weekly podcast featuring several of our members talking about WildStar's ins and outs. Check out our work here and here.

    So if you are interested in having more fun than a barrel of <REDACTED>, then MOG is the place for you! Just go to www.mognation.com and apply. Then pick whether you would like to be part of the rag-tag renegade Exiles or the high-stepping world-dominating Dominion or both. Whichever is your choice, we look forward to adding you to our ranks. With MOG, the possibilities are endless.
  12. Dalrok

    Dalrok New Cupcake

    Apr 21, 2014
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    Orlando, FL
    We're not Dominion so I don't expect much from this, but if you are looking into the Exiles (FTW!) then give us a look!

    [PHAYLRUS] is a semi-hardcore guild focused around the PvE Endgame Content with our Peak Times as a guild being from 6PM - 2AM PST.

    Hopeful Raid Times: TUE/WED: 9PM - Midnight --- SUN: 8PM-Midnight

    Feel free to chuck us out, we're a laid back atmosphere with an emphasis on fun, but also dedication to our games when it comes down to it.

    Website: www.phaylrus.com
  13. DaLootz

    DaLootz Guest

    Guild name has been reserved, and unless servers change names we'll be playing on Nexus as a Dominion.. Guild well be live in game as soon as it's possible to hit level 10. A small group of guildies will start playing when the servers go live, and we look to you to join us in the start of something epic. Da Lootz is a guild looking to grow fast straight from launch. With a core of dedicated RL friends running it instead of just one person we'll have dedicated PVP and PVE. We'll be looking to lvl as a guild as fast as possible starting during the head start. We're only looking for experienced players however experienced casuals are accepted we'll mostly be looking to fill ranks for a dedicated Raid/PVP team. Despite this the rules aren't nearly as strict as most raiding guilds, we want to focus on being alarge social guild with a dedicated PvP team, a dedicated Raid team, and even a dedicated casual team that just wants to quest in groups and enjoy the game. Mostly as long as you're active in the guild you're G2G. DaLootz
  14. Exa

    Exa New Cupcake

    Apr 2, 2013
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    We are a worldwide (NA/EU) cross faction guild/community with over 300+ members. WildStar focus on PvE and PvP content. In WildStar our aim is getting the server firsts on Dominion and Exiles in PvE raiding. We are already deep into the prep-work for raiding with more than 4 raid groups across both factions in our NA division. We are currently expanding our ranks in the EU division. In PvP we are currently setting up teams for Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas and Warplots, with the focus on becoming a force in competitive gaming. Our aim is to establish a unified guild circle with the objective of working together on endgame content; for instance, organizing massive guild vs guild Warplot battles and 40M raiding. Apart from being a hardcore guild we are also a casual guild, because we understand that sometimes real life does comes first. In the end we want all our members to enjoy the game and what it has to offer at launch no matter if you are hardcore or a casual gamer. Visit us at http://www.exinferno.com/

    This is the Raid I will be running, but if these times do not work for you, plz check out exinferno.com

    Exile - PVE - Raid Group 2 S.H.I.E.L.D.
    - Progression - - Schedule
    Sun, Wed, and a tentative Mon @ 8-11 PST [11-2 EST]
    Show up 20-30 min early to make sure you're ready to go. <REDACTED>, shower, and shave before hand.
  15. Kazehana

    Kazehana Guest

    Hello Venality,

    We are <Demented Asylum> a Dominion guild on the PvP server, Pergo. We raid Mon, Tue, and Wed from 9-12 EST. We are not hardcore or have a hardcore mentality however we are dedicated and talented. Many of us are like you, veteran raiders from previous MMOs (I'm from WoW myself, quit during early MoP). Your LoL record is amazing, by the way.

    I know it's tough finding a guild pre-launch because you don't know what they are capable of. The game doesn't have any raid parsing addons, or a wowprogress-type website to show our boss kills, or even an armory yet to show our level of commitment to raiding. I can tell you that some of us have raided together in other MMOs and that we definitely do our homework. We are the min-maxing type of people without the bloody nerdrage attitudes.

    I hope you check us out. We can chit chat on TeamSpeak if you'd like to get to know us more that way instead of text. Best of luck on your hunt!

    Our website.

  16. Direpath

    Direpath New Cupcake

    May 16, 2014
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    I'm from SOLA. We are a Christian-led guild that is intent on progressing through elder game content. We do not put any requirements on our membership in regards to their faith. We are a tight community driven bunch who support a family friendly atmosphere.

    Our raid times would be in the 6-9pm PST slot (days tbd) so that meshes well with your ideal times.

    Feel free to stop by and check us out at www.solaguild.com
  17. Heifinator

    Heifinator Guest

    Hey there. Check out deviantevil.net

    that page will give you a lot of info on our without it being a wall of text! Good luck with search.
  18. Dejoblue

    Dejoblue Guest

    VII is a competitive hardcore 40 man raiding guild on the NA Widow PVP server seeking only the best players for WildStar.

    Most of our guild members are in their late twenties to mid thirties and are experienced raiders going back to UO, EQ and Classic WoW. These games saw most of us leading the way in world/server first guilds;

    Time Zone: EST, CST, MST, PST

    Raid Times: One consecutive raid from 7 PM EST(7 - 3 AM EST) - 12 MN PST(8 - 12 MN PST) the EST raiders drop out and we fill with PST raiders and continue. Two 3 hour blocks, 6 hours total with a 1 hour break in the middle. Raid either time or the whole damned thing.


    Sun - Thu: 7 PM - 11 PM

    Fri & Sat: OFF


    Sun - Thu: 8:00 PM - 12:00 MN

    Fri & Sat: OFF

    Visual Guide:

    EST: [7 - 8 Invites] [8 - 11 Raid] [11 - 12 Break/Invites] [12 - 3 Raid]

    PST: ______________________________ [8 - 9 Invites] [9 - 12 Raid]

  19. Jeffreysz

    Jeffreysz Guest


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