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Desktop Dungeons

Discussion in 'Gaming Arena' started by Dysp, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Dysp

    Dysp Cupcake-About-Town

    Mar 29, 2013
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    I just happened to stumble across this game yesterday on Steam. It's not like many other games I've played. It didn't look like a game I'd like, but I'm really glad I tried it.

    http://www.desktopdungeons.net/media/ (you can download & play the free alpha version, but it's missing a lot of the features and UI of the released)

    Your starting plot.
    Desktop Dungeons is a rogue-like game (where your character dies permanently on dungeon runs) but the characters are disposable. The main objective is to level up, collecting gear and powerups, to clear a dungeon, defeating the boss(es) at the end of the level, and to earn gold and other rewards to build your kingdom. ..and to play just for the challenge of it.. because this is a challenging game, albeit fun. There are a ton of classes and a handful of different races to choose, each combination with a very different approach to completing dungeons.

    One of the unique system of the game is that your characters mainly heal when they discover new parts of the dungeon, so simply canvassing the dungeon takes a bit a strategy, as you don't want to discover much of the dungeon unless you need the health and mana. Once your character dies or completes a dungeon, they pass on and a newly named character of your desired race-class combo is used for the next run. As you progress you can unlock more items to prepare your characters for dungeons, as well as unlocking many more classes, dungeon types, challenges, and puzzles.

    What a dungeon starts off looking like (they're randomly generated btw)
    Encountering one of the bosses.
    The difficulty seems to scale up to being very tough. I've been having problems with just Normal difficulty dungeons and there are two higher difficulty level dungeon settings still, with which I've heard even veteran players have difficulty completing.

    I'm really liking the game's art style. It's kind of wonky, but it works. There are both male and female avatars for each race-class combination, from the more traditional rpg looking characters to the googly eyed human monks.

    A googly eyed monk.

    Lastly the music is surprisingly really good.

    I simply thought some people may enjoy this game while they wait for WS. :D And since this is a game that requires strategy, I thought it may be appropriate to open a thread here in the other games section, if anyone is interested in discussing it.

  2. B00TE

    B00TE Cupcake-About-Town

    Mar 28, 2013
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    New Hampshire
    I need to pick this up, I've been playing the free/alpha version for too long. One of my favorite games to jump to when I have a little bit of time to kill or don't have an internet connection.

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