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EU [Eko][Dominion]<Scruudje> 3d/w RECRUITING

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by epie, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. epie

    epie Guest

    About us

    <Scruudje> is a guild set up by a group of friends with only one goal in mind: defeating current PvE content on a competitive level whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere in our raids. Emerging from highly succesful guilds in World of Warcraft, we made the transition into Wildstar and hope to utilize our years of experience in MMO's to create a positive raiding experience for all our guildmembers. We encourage activities outside raiding such as dungeon runs and PvP, but our main goal is clearing PvE content.


    Tanks: Open (medium)

    Melee dps: Open (medium)

    Ranged dps: Open (high)

    Healers: Open (high)

    Exceptional players are always welcome disregarding our recruitment needs.

    Raid schedule(server time)

    20:00-23:30 Wednesday, Thursday, Monday

    Because we only raid 3 days a week we want quality over quantity. With very limited hours of raiding each week we demand proper preparation before raids and full focus during raids, this way we can provide both fun and progression in our raids. If you are looking for a guild with the ambition and intensity of a hardcore raiding guild but want reduced raiding hours whilst clearing PvE on a competitive level then <Scruudje> is the guild for you.

    What <Scruudje> has to offer you:

    -a solid raiding spot in an ambitious PvE-progression guild

    -a mature and fun environment, both in and outside raids

    -a tight-knit society of friends over many years and games

    -competitive progression on a 3day/week schedule

    -lots and lots of shiny items if you are pulling your weight

    What <Scruudje> is looking for in you:

    -a punctual raider

    -being able to attend all three raid nights each week

    -full focus during raiding-hours

    -being able to take criticism and having a thick skin

    -having a take-charge attitude when it comes to finding out bosstactics and keeping up to date with your class mechanics

    How to apply?

    You can apply to our guild directly at http://scruudje.enjin.com/ - bribes with milk and cookies are accepted.

    If you have any questions or remarks about our guild contact Epie or Blynxs ingame.

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