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Recruiting [EKO] PC Gamer PvE

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by murri, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. murri

    murri Guest

    The Official PC Gamer guild is recruiting! http://www.pcgws.com

    Formed by members of various existing PC Gamer communities, the Wildstar guild has got off to a flying start!

    PC Gamer is an international guild of like minded players from across the globe. We try to balance a social and a structured environment for all player-types, ranging from casual levelling and PVP to veteran dungeons and raid progression. It doesn't matter if you're a magazine reader, existing community member or a new player looking for a place to call home, everyone is welcome to join us!

    Our key areas of focus include: * Community Events * Dungeons and Adventures * Veteran Attunements * 20 man Raid progression * Social levelling * PVP and Warplots

    We are based on the Dominion faction of EKO (EN-PVE)
    Msg murri or jirmaine ingame

    Want to join us? http://www.pcgws.com/application

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