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Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by SiegaPlays, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. SiegaPlays

    SiegaPlays "That" Cupcake

    Sep 14, 2011
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    I have just spent a good amount of time endorsing skills and expertise for my connections on LinkedIn.
    Doing so I found out that the only type of endorsements I was gladly to give, would be for connections, where I would normally stop up and read their input on the skill/expertise area or already use them as a go-to guru on the skill or expertise in question.
    I find, I loose my sense of integrity if I just hit the "endorse all" button without consideration.

    However, integrity is not what I was trying to head into with this topic.

    What about a similar functionality for official community sites/ingame social features.

    Endorsements of guilds, characters, players. A guild calls itself a family and friends friendly semi hardcore elder game PVP/PVE/ranked/team revelation out of a selection of checkbox details on the guild setup, but the one choice endorsements from guildies present and past only focus on the family and friend part.

    Or in group context, you can choose to endorse - or not - different aspects of their performance for their role, their social skills, encounter awareness etc. One may be a situational skilled player, but never get any endorsement for social adaptability.

    Or on forums, you can endorse posts for good point value. Endorse well decorated housing. Delivery of crafting commissions...

    Rather like a "like" button, but instead of just liking a person, you can be more specific as to why. Nothing you would use on everyone, but on people you just had a valuable experience with.

    Considering the opposit of endorsement or like-button, I disagree with them in an environment that is known to have some occasional team effort for malignant purposes. Harashment through organised disliking is just not something I would want to see done to any guild or player.

    OK, maybe liking/sharing is past its prime, I do not know, but how could you see it implemented in a game?
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  2. Maddog Charlie

    Maddog Charlie Cupcake-About-Town

    Aug 27, 2012
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    I only ever use a like on people I have valuable experiences with :).

    I think you can only ever use a positive marking scheme as negative is just not really acceptable in many peoples eyes, it can be abused and turned into a psychological weapon as you mentioned above. The 'Kudos' type 'star' award would be great in game but as many conduct themselves differently in game vs on the forum that may not work and you would just get people liking each others stuff all the time to boost up their score like myself and Black Wolf do :) (Also I liked your post :laugh:)

    The only way I could see something specific like you mentioned is with comments but then that would get abused too.:(

    Leaves us with collaborative effort - when grouped there could be an in game mechanic that awarded a rating based on your level, their level, duration played together, achievements reached together etc etc. Could function for crafting and even decorating too. Grouped = collaborative effort awards.

    That way if you really didnt like Mr Big Bad Wolf blasting away everything in your mission clearly just to get through the game you could ungroup and end the potential for reward.
    ? Is that what you were looking for ?
  3. Kurik

    Kurik Super Cupcake

    Oct 6, 2012
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    Like Maddog brought up abuse would be a concern, likes or up-votes on forums are fine but any type of "score" in-game should be avoided. Similar to what you suggested maybe at the end of a dungeon run the players have the opportunity to fill out a short survey on each other. I'm just not sure though there are so many ways it can turn out positive and so many ways it can turn out negative. It's definitely something to think about though!

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