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Esper's, Could this be?

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by Wicked Lady, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. PalsyPlague

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    Jan 23, 2014
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    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Your post didn't add anything to the conversation. It was stupid and I was trying to make it make sense of it. Sorry I assumed you had a rational thought to go along with your post.
  2. Bisqquit

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    Mar 11, 2013
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    That doesn't make sense.

    Apology accepted.
  3. Speedo

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    Jun 11, 2014
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    Just created a new account to update, correct on what i read in this thread, so that other players eventually reading the thread don't get confused. My opinions highly focus on pvp, keep that in mind while reading. Almost every bg I end up having best dps + top 5 heal, i also rarely die. The following is for people who want to roll a succesful pvp esper.
    First of all Esper can be played 100% mobile, a well played esper can outduel everything, my esper does so, so either the class is highly rewarding for high skill cape plays, the mobile esper is overpowered or I'm god, I guess it's the first one.

    Catharsis got buffed to a 6 second cooldown, so they can provide very good group debuffing, moreover you also can't debuff a dps esper at the moment, you simply can't, he does not even need to bring catharsis to t4.

    I don't need to elaborate on this, you can't even write and think at the same time.

    Not false for the stationary esper. But since mobile espers are simply superior in kinda all terms, there is no need to talk about them. Furthermore Esper's play style will rely on using the innate ability for maximizing your dps and not saving for delaying your death. Ressource management is fairly easy for an esper.

    Use your innate everytime it's up for maximizing dps, you can cast it even @ 4 pp without losing a pp as a consequence. TS might have stronger dmg stats, but if you are not the greatest TS esper outdueling everyone you will never reach my dps at the end of the day. Why? Because I almost never die in a battleground with my mobile build and i don't need to run away if someone is focussing me, I can outduel any other class, except for high skilled medics and warriors, then it's kinda equal.

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