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[EU - Dominion - PvX] Cyber Storm | Semi-Hardcore But Laid Back Guild | Teamspeak Server 3

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by SparkUpLife, May 31, 2014.

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    Cyber Storm is a semi-hardcore but at the same time casual and laid back European PVP and PVE guild filled with many dedicated individuals on the server Hazak. Even though we are new, all of our guild members have played countless MMO games in the past including Runescape, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, Blacklight Retribution, and much more. Therefore, we are overflowing with experienced and veteran members. However, we welcome newbies who have the will to learn. We speak a variety of different languages, meaning that we are interested in forming an international guild with as many different cultures as possible.

    What makes this guild unique from the rest is that it specializes in creating a competitive but kind environment for its members by making every action that you take within the guild count towards specific guild member rewards such as C.R.E.D.D. This can include anything from donating to the guild itself to helping a guild member acquire specific items that they need. We are also very aware of the fact that in many games, a lot of guild members have very different gear scores, and thus cannot play together. We will make sure that everyone will be equipped with the proper items that will allow them to to play with as many people in the guild as possible. This will be also accomplished thanks to our TeamSpeak3 server that will push people to communicate in our guild because it is a requirement. You do not have to have a microphone. All you have to do is be able to listen to instructions and call outs.


    Our guild has tons of different and varying events every single month such as games, PVP tournaments, and even open council meetings. This will be essential in creating a democratic environment that many guilds in games nowadays seem to lack even though they may not admit it. Our guild may seem to have a very serious tone for it, but that is needed to a certain extent if we are to be considered a semi-hardcore guild. So don't worry, cupcake, because we will definitely have some laughs once you join us.

    Sign Up On Our Guild Site: http://cyberstorm.shivtr.com/
    If some of the guild rules below do not make complete sense, it's because I do not want to post all of the ranks and their within the guild here on the forums, but I'm sure you can guess! :up:

    Guild Rules & Requirements

    1. Be kind to each other. You are allowed to swear, but that's not an excuse for you to be mean to fellow guild members.

    2. Cyber Storm's age requirement is 18+. However, exceptions will be made for individuals who can demonstrate a reasonable maturity level.

    3. Having a microphone is strongly recommended. However, you don't need have to have one, if you're able to listen to others.

    4. Everyone can recommend people to join the guild, but only Champions, Warlords, and the Commander can actually allow them to enter.

    5. After every Council Meeting, every guild member must check the implemented guild changes on the announcements page in the forums.


    Guild Events (To Tease You)

    Council Meeting (Every Sunday) - In these meetings, the Commander and his Warlords will discuss the progress of the guild so far and bring forth new ideas or issues that have arose. All Warlords that are offline will be emailed the proposals or suggestions. The votes will be put into action at the end of the following week, when the next Council Meeting begins.

    Open Meeting (Last Sunday of Every Month) - Anyone who is available will be able to join the Commander in their house plot to debate on guild related issues, raise their personal concerns and suggestions, or simply socialize with other guild members if there is nothing to be discussed. This meeting will act exactly like a council meeting, but instead, everyone who is there is allowed to vote on all the matters at hand. Guild members will be emailed about when this event will happen and be told about the main issues that will be discussed beforehand.

    Fighting Frenzy (Every Even Month) - This event will help determine which of the Fighters will be allowed to compete for a spot to become a Champion. 5 Champions will be selected at random to be up for elimination against one of the Fighters who will also be selected at random from a pool of nominees. Champions can also be selected if they are behaving badly in the guild or abusing their powers. Champions who are selected are prioritized over randomly selected ones. A Champion may also volunteer to be put up for elimination. Doing so will entitle them to a special reward if they win (most likely to be some rare item). If a Champion was up for elimination twice in a row, they cannot be up for elimination a third time in a row. 5 brackets will be created, where the winners of each bracket will be randomly paired up with one of the 5 Champions up for elimination.

    Power to the People (Every Odd Month) - Everyone in the guild will send an in-game email to the Commander. This email will be a list of the top 5 players they thought were helpful to them and to the guild in general in the month so far. Depending on where people are on the list, they will have a better chance at receiving C.R.E.D.D. when it is given out.

    Galactic Games (Every 1-2 Months) - A variety of games that everyone can compete in for great prizes on a specific date and time. The type of game will be decided upon during a council meeting prior to the event. The top three players will receive a prize.

    World Conquest (Days Will Be Announced) - It's an event that welcomes every single member of the guild to participate in an epic and huge raid on one of the cities or towns in the game. Everyone will be organised into groups and have separate tasks depending on skill and level. Stalkers will scout the city ahead of time to help the Commander and Warlords strategize.

    Raiding (Undecided Which Days) - We are certainly going to be raiding in the game, but we are unsure of yet when we will be able to them. We would like to discuss as a whole when this will happen once we reach max level.


    If Anyone Has Any Other Questions Or Concerns, Please Let Me Know Right Here On The Forums! Or, Simply State Your Excitement For Cyber Storm And Hope That We Will Welcome You Into Our Ranks!

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