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[EU][Exile][PvX][Aphex] 2 times per week serious raid guild

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Seff, Jul 31, 2014.

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    Jul 31, 2014
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    www.aphex.ws @AphexGuild
    Hello fellow residents of Nexus! Thanks for taking the time to check out our Realm Recruitment Thread.
    APHEX are now Recruiting New Members who are part of the Exile faction who are interested in being part of our Family.


    APHEX was born 2 months before release by a small group of friends and old MMO players who have since come out of retirement for WildStar. In the short space of time leading up to release we boosted our numbers and made a lot of new friends. Our Guild Roster currently stands @ 50+ Members all with the same values which we want to achieve.


    Our goals are simple, as we will only be raiding 2 nights a week, every raid needs to count. We will be taking a very professional approach. We have a plethora of experienced Raid Leaders and players with literally decades of knowledge behind them and we aim to progress quickly without the requirement of 5-6 Raids a week. We will also be actively involved in PvP, especially WarPlots but our raiding will take priority and is a strong focus within the Guild.
    Official Guild Raids will be:
    Tuesday Evenings
    Thursday Evenings
    Raid Invites begin @ 18:30 BST (19:30 CEST) First Pull @ 19.00 BST (20:00 CEST)
    Raids will last approximately 4 Hours
    We will expect our Members to be fully prepared and Raid Ready, no exceptions. As much as we want to have fun and enjoy Raid Content, we expect everyone to give 110% effort while doing so.


    If you are looking to experience the Dungeons and Raids that WildStar has to offer but really cannot dedicate 5-6 nights for raiding, be if family, work or education commitments then we will hopefully be able to cater to your needs. We will not be forcing people to re-spec or play a specific role and you will not have the worry of being kicked for not "being active enough"
    We of course have a fully functioning domain and website, dedicated Voice Comms in the form of Ventrilo and everything you would come to expect from a professional Guild. We also allow Members Alts within the Guild and we also run a Social Member Program for those of you who wish to play with Friends or Partners who simply do not want, or cannot commit making the weekly Raids.


    We require applicants to be a minimum of Level: 50
    You are more than welcome to make an application if you are below this and depending on how quickly we can see you progressing, you may be accepted and a early invite will be offered. You will be required to read our FAQ outlined on our website, and then post an Official Application. If you are accepted into APHEX, we do run a Trial Period which will run until we are happy that you would fit in with the Guild. This can take a few days, possibly weeks, there is no set time frame for Trial Membership.
    So, if you have got this far, thanks for reading!
    Even if you do not intend to join us, we are hoping to forge some good Guild Relationships, be it Exile or Dominion!

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