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Recruiting [EU / HAZAK / DOM / PVP] OM NOM NOM POTATO, social & fun pvp madness. All classes/lvls welcome!

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Sylqt, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Sylqt

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    Aug 12, 2014
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    On the launch of Wildstar, a few friends decided to level together and create a guild which would strike fear into the exiles, make hearts pump with excitement at the name of, to be known and respected, have the largest e-peens and start the most random zone chats in Illium, but there was one problem... Out of the three friends they chose I (Syl) as the name bearer, the one who should create something amazing, gave me the epic opportunity of using my immense brain power and complete lack imagination to come up with a truly original and awesome guild name. They told me I could pick anything I wanted, they did not care what the name was as long as I bought the guild charter. I was eating pringles. I had chips in the oven for my dinner. Potatoes are delicious. I really, really like potatoes.
    And so, it was born.

    Originally on contagion-EU we grew and matured as a guild, slowly becoming one of the most well known and friendliest guilds around. We expect our reputation as nice people to precede us, and want to bring our awesomeness to hazak!

    After that heartwarming introduction, here is a more serious overview of what to expect in our tight-knit, fun little guild.

    Are you on a dead server? Re-roll to hazak with us! The officer team have made brand new characters and are re-levelling all the way to 50 on several alts. Add Sylqt@hazak for more info :inlove:

    Currently recruiting max level players for:
    - RBG teams
    - Arena teams
    - Attunement process (Adventures/Dungeons)
    - WPvP

    We are particularly in need of (50s):
    - Tanks: Engineers < we want you!
    - Healers: Spellslingers, Medics and to a lesser extent espers.
    - DPS: Engineers! Dps of all classes are always welcome.

    We are eventually interested in working our way to being an all-guild 40man Warplot team. Along with this will be some casual raiding (to help equip our warplots), we are not looking to compete with other guilds, but merely for fun. However, we would like our RBG/raiders to have an extensive knowledge of their class, are willing to listen to criticism, adapt to new situations, have previous experience in other competitive games, a working headset/mic and Teamspeak.

    We welcome all people interested in pvp, socials looking for a fun community, and lowbies looking for a fun guild chat and busy teamspeak server whilst they level

    We have an active TeamSpeak server, a supportive team of officers and Max level members, a lively guild chat with some questionable but amusing content and non-stop fun. We like to run practise bgs together, as well as Vet adventures, Vet dungeons, dailies and many other shenanigans.
    Please do not join us if you have no sense of humour.
    Please do not join us if you are going to whine constantly.
    Please do join us if you love bacon.

    We are interested in finding low level characters of all brackets, to participate in large pre-made practise battlegrounds to help speed levelling or collect prestige and to train for rated battlegrounds at max level. No matter your experience in-game you are always welcome in our premades, or to join our W/PvP circle [challenge accepted] if you are already comfortable in a guild.
    We can help you learn various aspects in the game from several experienced players (from various MMOs and competitive play) in a fun, friendly environment. We also help people become more confident with voice comms, and are interested in finding friends, not players, to enjoy our wildstar time with.

    For more information please send an ingame mail to either Sylqt, krin or firecrotch.
    For an invite to the guild, either travel to the pvp vendors and ask a member, yell for us relentlessly in /pvp, submit a quick application on our guild website or pray to the potato lords

    Guild Website can be found at http://omnomnompotato.enjin.com

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