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NA Evindra/Exile - <Big Shot> LF Raiders ( Wed/Thurs, 9pm-12am EST) & Social Adult Gamers (Ages 19+)

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Atrea, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Guild website: http://bigshot.enjin.com/
    Type: PvE - Vet Adventures/Dungeons, Raiding, Alt-aholics
    Location: Evindra, NA
    Requirements: Active & ages 19+
    Guild Activity: Roughly 65 members currently
    Raids starting in August: Currently looking for DPS and Hybrid Healers

    Big Shot is recruiting all types of players from dedicated Raiders, PvP junkies and Casual adults looking for a good home. Most of the guild is working on attuning for the raiding content of the game, running veteran adventures and dungeons, while others are taking a more laid back route and leveling mains/alts and enjoying the social aspects of our guild.

    Our guild is super active with a strong member base and leadership. We have been leading guilds since the early days of Everquest, and have raided in various MMO's successfully including hard mode content. Our leadership includes long time friends, experienced raiders, and retired guild/raid leaders, who want to provide a comfortable, drama free environment for people to enjoy.

    We are a guild of Adult gamers who are both casual and ex-hardcore in our play styles and have chosen Wildstar as our MMO home after playing dozens of other games in the last 15 years. We dungeon run, PvP, spend a lot of time on Mumble voice chat, and look forward to raiding in the near future on Nexus.
    • Friendly, outgoing gamers (males & females!) with open minded senses of humor.
    • Active: Playtime for us is primarily evenings and weekends. Our members live all over the US/Canada.
    • Long time game players from EQ/EQ2, UO, WoW, SWTOR, GW2, FF XIV, WarZ, and other ones we're embarrassed to admit we played!
    • Use Mumble for voice chat on a nightly basis.
    • Ages: Adults from early 20's to late 40's.
    • Enjoy a variety of nerding out conversations about movies, games, comics, IT stuff and TV shows.
    • Take part in running Battlegrounds together, questing, leveling alts, theory-crafting and doing dungeons/adventures.

    We are NOT looking to recruit:
    • Egomaniacs, drama queens, know-it-all's, people who play sides and anti-social types. We have a very strict "No drama" policy and enforce it.
    • Players who are primarily playing other games. We are very active and hope all members are as well. Though we don't have a time played policy, we like to see our members log in often, even if it's for a hour or two.
    • Thin skinned players: We joke around a lot, about various topics and with each other. There is swearing and random "adult" jokes. Though, respect is very important to us and this goes hand in hand with our "no drama" policy.
    For those interested in Raiding:
    • We have a group of competitive & knowledgeable players who are wanting to progress at a steady pace through the raiding content provided to us. Anyone looking to join for raiding, should be of the same mindset and do their part in making sure we accomplish all of our goals.
    • 20 Man content
    • Wed & Thurs nights, 9:00pm - 12:00am, EST
    • Currently looking for DPS and Hybrid healers.
    • Everyone who raids with us needs to be able to pull their own weight. We are not "hard core" anymore, but at the same time, we expect every member to do their absolute best. This includes knowing their class, gearing appropriately and being able to take constructive criticism.
    • Currently working on the Silver Dungeon portion of attunement.
    For more information, please visit our website, contact Santina in game or via our website with PMs.
    - We ask anyone who is interested to fill out our short and sweet application, and someone will contact you shortly. -

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