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Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Radashii, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Radashii

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    Jun 30, 2014
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    CONTACT INFORMATION: Gerra Venko (Enjin - In-game: Gerra) - Radashii Hayzon (Enjin - In-game: Radashii) -
    Taith (Enjin- In Game - Mari/Taith)
    WEBSITE: SCAR Corporation website

    The SCAR Corporation is an RP-PvX guild on the Evindra (PvE) roleplaying server. We strive to provide our players with a coherent, intriguing story driven by the characters involved within it. We’re primarily Mordesh Black Hoods (although we accept all races & stories) and we’re based around the concepts of gray moral choices, secret spy organizations, accessing forbidden technology and fighting for a species' continued survival. If you want to join, form an alliance, RP plot, or become the guild’s enemy (RP-PvP or just RP) then feel free to contact us on Enjin or our website!

    SCAR Corporation exists to cure the galaxy's ailments; an acronym deriving of it's specialty and purpose: Specialized Contagion Analysis & Research initiative. Originally a government-funded military research division, SCAR has since become a privatized business capable of providing advanced mordesh spy technologies and medical advancements to the entire galaxy at a fraction of the price that other companies could offer. With an intimate relationship with the Black Hoods, SCAR Corporation makes it clear that the Dominion and their ICI are their foes, going to great lengths to provide any resources they can do their enemies, this stance making them an ideal partner for the Exiles.

    Disease and toxin are a threat to everyone. The Contagion-addled Ravenous threaten not just the mordesh as a species but the entirety of the Exile colonization efforts. New, strange sicknesses, plagues, mechari bio-engineered viruses and immeasurable amounts of transmittable rot flutter about the everyday life of each Nexus citizen like a promise. Death looms around every corner and for each person regardless of their stance in the war for the planet. The SCAR Corporation represents a company with unrestricted employees and goals to assist in the extended research and cure for the Contagion and any biological threat across the galaxy regardless of affiliation or financial status.

    A secondary objective to the SCAR Corporation is the Nexus branch leader's obsession with Eldan technology, hoarding it and reverse engineering it so that they can sell it to the highest bidder. A host of unsavory characters are drawn into the many webs of SCAR, including criminals and independent parties who only care about their paychecks. Gerra Venko pays these people exorbitant sums to keep their mouths shut and do what she asks, the word in the underworld that she'd be willing to sell her own mother to get her hands on a pair of Eldan shoeshiners.

    The SCAR Corporation is a medical and spy gadget based front for the Black Hoods, hiring anyone from esteemed scientists to burly thugs to give them an advantage over the better armed Dominion ICI. The majority of the company's employees are civilians and often have no idea what goes on behind closed doors within the mordesh hierarchy. On the surface they behave exactly like any other company and even fellow Black Hood operatives within the company may not know the existence of other operatives due to how secretive SCAR can be.

    The SCAR Corporation's board of directors is lead by a shadowy figurehead known only as The Chairman. The Chairman is a former Black Hood operative who ferries his orders down the chain of command, the company's employees never fully aware that they are at the hands of a Black Hood's whims and desires as they ask for the corporation's employees to engage in dubious ethical scientific research, archaeological digs, sabotage and even assassination. Recently the Chairman has sent a team to tag along with the Exile forces on Nexus, ordering them to aid FCON and the XAS while searching for Eldan artifacts to aid in the corporation's research. With the increasing rumors of the Dominion possessing the cure to the Contagion the SCAR Corporation dares to dream of a day where they could pry it from the cold, dead hands of their enemies.

    We’re an LGBT+ friendly guild who has a zero tolerance policy for harassment or hurtful actions towards other players but we’re also a funny bunch of folks who really love to laugh, play the game and - most importantly - roleplay! Bigots of any sort need not apply.

    Joining is a very simple and easy process, one of the SCAR Corporation mantras being to “make it simple, make it work.” With applications we’re no different, the only hoop you have to jump through being THIS GIANT HYPERLINK. As soon as you’ve done that, you’re good to go and wait for us to read your application! You’re allowed to read as much or as little as you want about the guild’s story before joining because it will take some while before the story kicks off into full swing.

    We will be attending events and RPing frequently so if you’re not sold on us just yet, keep an eye out for us on Nexus!

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