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Exile Guild Interested in Discussing A Merger

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Zei, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Sep 27, 2013
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    Based on recent announcements by Carbine regarding the future of their game, in particular, the megaservers and open transfers, Potential Intensity started asking around its server (Caretaker) for guild merge opportunities. Unfortunately, several of the compatible guilds have already fallen apart and/or transferred off-realm, so we're expanding our search beyond Caretaker at this time in preparation for the megaservers.

    Right now, we’re a happy guild. We have good activity as we cycle through the same issues that every other guild out there is dealing with; massive amounts of attrition at endgame. We’ve been more fortunate than others on our server in retention of players and because of this, seem to weather the storm better than guilds or groups that fractured from broken guilds. However, until megaservers go live, with the opening of free transfers, we see many people heading off to "go to" servers early. Our goal, through this posting, is to discourage the collapse of other guilds, whether they are on Caretaker or beyond, by finding those who wish to band together for the sake of forming a solid endgame team for 40mans.

    As I mentioned, we are happy right now: We have been experiencing steady progression on a schedule that is far less than hardcore with ideals that have not been forced to be compromised. We have one 20man, but would like to see a second develop soon so that if Carbine does not remove 40mans, we can experience that content as well.

    We see two parts to mergers: Absorptions and true mergers.

    For absorption, we look to guilds that don’t see any stable future and want to maintain their group of players as one whole, part of another. Absorptions don't have to be a bad thing...everyone always seems to want to avoid calling mergers that, but the truth is that many of them are. To date, we have only experienced absorptions of other guilds/groups of players and have done so with a 100% success rate. Absorption does not mean we don’t have leadership represented within the guild by those groups; it’s a case by case, individual discussion. However, absorption does mean that there is no room for compromise and one groups joins with another because of how perfectly each guild fits each other. In essence, there's just no need for compromise and the two guilds or groups probably should have been one all along.

    Now, "true mergers". I say “true merger” because a lot of guilds out there would jump at the idea of growth without considering the impact to members. True mergers involve disappointment, to some degree, between both parties involved because of the compromise taking place. However, ultimately the united group is happy because of how the action of joining together benefits everyone in the long run.

    For guilds interested in a true merger, we expect the following (just as we expect it of ourselves):

    • Clear direction – If a guild doesn’t know what their purpose is with clear designation, they can’t discuss how to compromise it with another.
    • Solid structure – If a guild has no hierarchy of leadership and transmission of information through the ranks, it cannot find ways to balance it into another group.
    • Flexible and intentional leadership – If a guild has a rigid leadership structure without room for growth or leaders who merely hold titles, how could it possibly discuss the addition of new leadership ranks with purpose?
    • Identity – If a guild doesn’t know the audience that it attracts, how is it supposed to successfully merge into another group and not disrupt the identity of both guilds in the process?
    • Solid reputation – If a guild doesn’t have a good reputation built on strong values and accountability, how can it ensure it won’t damage the identity of the other group which it intends to work with?
    • Willingness to compromise - If a guild isn't looking to compromise anything, then they're not actually ready to discuss mergers. They should consider the former option of absorption with them doing the absorbing.
    Potential Intensity takes the goals and outcomes of absorption and merging seriously. For our guild, it has always been about the enjoyment of who we are playing with and for what purpose; if you can see eye to eye with us there, it's a good place to start our discussions.

    General Information About Us for Compatibility (Compromises may be necessary in any of these areas except faction):

    Faction: Exile
    Server: Caretaker [PvE]
    Guild Prime Time: ~6:00pm-1:00am EST
    Guild Raid Times: 8:00pm-11:00pm, 3 nights a week (Mon, Tuesday, & Thurs)
    Other Guild Event Times: 8:00pm-11:00pm, non-raid nights

    Please reach out to me through any of the following:
    This forum via private message
    In-Game (My game name is Zhiyro)
    Our guild website forum at Potential Intensity (My name on the guild forum is Zhiyro)
    Our Teamspeak server: ts3.potensity.net (My handle on Teamspeak is Zhiyro)

    I look forward to speaking with those interested in a potential future together.

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