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Int'l [EXILE][PERGO] Raid Circle - The Raid Collective

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Crake, Jul 3, 2014.

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    The Raid Collective

    Greetings Exiles of Pergo,

    This post is an open invitation by members of AltTabMe, a cross game community currently residing on the Exile side of Pergo, to other small guilds looking to get in to Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore Raid content, but lacking the proper number of geared and attuned 50s to do so. The goal of this circle is to establish an alliance between our guilds so that we may more easily gear and attune, and eventually work together to complete both 20 and 40 man raids. We personally have a growing number of level 50 players eager to begin the raid content, and this circle has been the culmination of our discussions pertaining to how we will bolster our numbers without compromising the independence and integrity of our community. I am certain there are other like minded groups in a similar predicament, and I hope this post will reach them so that we can get the ball rolling and get a piece of that hot raid action!

    Since this circle is being hosted by AltTabMe, we will be using our Raid schedule and our loot system. Our Raid time is currently planned for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and one weekend day beginning at 8:00PM EST // 11:00PM PDT. The loot system we plan on using will be EPGP. These are subject to change based on community feedback/necessity. We have a large mumble server to facilitate the Raids as well (Voice chat is obviously a must for Raids).

    For further information, here is an excerpt from our Raid guide:

    wanted to make a post about how TAB will be handling raiding in the future of Wildstar. Disclaimer: We are not a hardcore raiding guild. We are not aiming for world firsts, but we DO want to aim for progression. I want people who are raiding to be dedicated to it, show up when needed and be prepared to do what YOU need to do. I don't want people to be carried. I want everyone to work towards the common goal of killing bosses.

    With this said, I plan on making two nights a week raid nights, planning for 3.5-4 hours of raiding. This means I will need people who can be online and be ready on a continual basis. Spots will be given to those who can prove themselves to

    1. Be on time (Current estimate for time, invites at 7:30 PM EST, pull at 8:00PM EST)
    2. Be prepared (gear, consumables, strategies)
    3. Willing to learn
    4. Able to take criticism (when needed)

    People who meet these requirements will be given priority spots to raids. I do want more "casual" raiders to come whenever possible. Realistically, we will not have the same 20/40 people every raid every week. There will be a core group of players that make up the base of raiders, and then some casuals that mix in and fill the gaps. YOU need to decide what kind of a raider you will be, and keep your expectations within that realm. If you want to be a core raider, PROVE IT!

    Also, remember that WS is a trinity based game. This means we will need...

    TANKS - Main/Off - We will need people who are willing to dedicate themselves to the roles of Main Tanks and Off Tanks. MT's tend to be in control of the big bad brute bosses for a majority of the time. Off tanks tend to focus more on adds and assist the MT when needed to "absorb" certain abilities (HATEFUL STRIKE ANYONE?!). Either way, you will be responsible for making sure the rest of the raid takes as little damage as possible.

    Healers - Tank/Spot - We will need people who take the job of keeping everyone's health as high as possible. Usually healers end up having slightly different roles and will be communicated within the group of healers. Tank healers tend to focus on the Main Tank and Off Tanks through the entire fight. Constant, powerful heals can be a little boring sometimes, but it's a heavily needed job. If the MT dies, typically the raid dies. Spot/Off healers tend to cover the rest of the raid. Usually in the form of chain/aoe/group/HoT healing. If all the DPS die, we can't kill the boss!

    DPS - Ranged/Melee - These are the people that will make up most likely 75% of the raid. You will want to do as much damage as possible while taking as little damage as possible. You will be careful of not doing too much damage as to "take aggro" from the tanks. It's a fun balancing game of "I'm the best" and "I'm still alive!". Pretty straightforward really. DON'T STAND IN THE FIRE.

    So, we open this thread for discussion. Any interested guilds should feel free to reply with any comments/questions and check us out on http://alttabme.com for more information about our community. Please do not use this thread to troll/annoy/harass - productive discussion only (as if this statement ever works..)

    Feel free to message me in game as well! My IGN is Crake

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