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EU [Exile][PvE] Healer and tank LF (semi)-hardcore progression guild

Discussion in 'Seeking Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Kami, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Kami

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    Jun 10, 2013
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    Hi there,
    Together with a friend of mine I am looking for a WildStar raiding guild to join together on the Exile-EU side.
    We will be playing as a healer + tank. This will probably be Engineer + Medic, however I may switch to Spellslinger. If this is a problem let me know and I can be flexible. I like both classes.

    We are looking for the following:

    - European based raiding guild (40 man)
    - Focussed on progression. We don't need world first kills but we do want to be part of a guild with good progression without drama. (thus: semi-hardcore to hardcore).
    - Use of TS3 or Mumble (not ventrilo, please. Horrible sound quality).
    - Use of common sense in both raiding and voice chat. Specifically voice chat because I saw some guilds explicitly forbid people talking on voice chat until given permission to do so. While we understand no one wants people distracted during progression, we disagree that this should be explicitly stated. Some chatting inbetween kills or just in general a less tense and more relaxed (but serious) atmosphere is healthy.
    - Raiding times (Amsterdam/GMT+1) : We are mostly 100% available between 20:00 and 00:00. We would want the raiding times to fit in there. We are looking for something around ~4 raiding days.

    What we can offer:
    - We are both experienced WoW raiders, and the friend I am coming with is a very competitive ("achievement-whore" :inlove:) player as well. He loves to play games on the most difficult mode possible.

    I started playing in Vanilla and did all the content while it was relevant up to Cataclysm. I missed out on the last raid in Cata and the early MoP raids, however I joined back halfway through ToT and am now clearing SoO heroic. My friend started playing in TBC and also missed the last Cata raid + early MoP raids. He has also raid leaded througout most of BC/WOTLK/Cata (he did express an interest in raid leading in WildStar as well).

    Both of us also played SWTOR and GW2 when it came out. We ran a guild in SWTOR for a short while which was fun, but unfortunately end-game raiding in SWTOR wasn't the best :)

    - Personally - both of us are into IT-Security and big Linux/server fans. I usually make this offer since I like providing it, if you're looking for mumble/TS3 hosting (I prefer mumble since it's open-source and no license hassle) or perhaps even website hosting let me know and we may be able to work something out :)

    If there are any questions please let me know and I'll answer them as well as I can. Thanks!

    - Kami

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