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NA [Exile][Warbringer] CIRCLE <Veteran Runs> - Dungeon/Adventure runs, all 50's welcome

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Kujo, Jun 20, 2014.

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    Jan 23, 2014
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    Tired of queuing up for Adventures and Dungeons and getting random people who drag you down, have a bad attitude, or a different agenda than you? Perhaps tired of long queue times? I've started a new circle for level 50 Exiles for the sole purpose of finding groups to run Veteran Adventures and Dungeons. Here's the breakdown:

    • Only restriction is must be level 50 to join
    • Circle channel is only for group advertisements and bad player reports, not conversation. Take it to tells or party chat.
    • If you join a group from this circle, make sure all have the same goals(i.e. gold) before starting the instance.
    • If someone leaves your group abruptly without a reasonable explanation, report them in the circle channel to let people know.

    That's all there is to it. Send a tell to Kujo, Bwar, Eowen, or Marissa for an invite to the <Veteran Runs> circle. If none of us are online, feel free to add Kujo to your friends so I can invite you when I get online.

    * Make sure you have the "Filter Invites" option turned off to be able to receive your invite. It's in your escape menu under Interface. You can turn it back on after you join.


    Q) What is a Circle?
    A Circle basically, from a UI standpoint, has all the functions of a Guild without actually being a Guild, and it does not get anything similar to Guild Perks or a holomark or any kind of Guild currency for playing together. You get a chat channel and a roster to look at. That's it.

    Q) Do I have to leave my guild to join Veteran Runs?
    Absolutely not! Veteran Runs is a Circle, not a guild. You can be in both your guild and this circle and there is no harm in doing so at all.

    Q) How do I talk in Circle chat?
    To talk in circle chat, the command is /c# where # is the position of the Circle you're trying to talk in in the Social window. So if Veteran Runs is the first circle listed under the Circles tab in the Social window, then it's "/c1 MessageHere", for example.

    Q) Will the group advertisements spam up my chat window?
    There's a simple solution to making sure your regular chat log isn't spammed by this Circle's chat:

    1) First find the Format Options button on the left side of your chat window while your main chat tab is selected and click it.


    2) Then on the chat filters window that pops up, scroll down it until you find the Veteran Runs channel and deselect it. Now it won't be displayed in that chat tab. Repeat for other chat tabs that you don't want Veteran Runs chat to be displayed in.


    3) Then click on the "Add New Chat Log Tab" button that looks like a plus sign.


    4) Select "Chat" for the type of chat tab you want.


    5) Name it Veteran Runs or whatever you want and deselect every channel *except* the Veteran Runs channel. Now the circle chat will only be displayed in that tab and nothing else.


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