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Experienced Raider LFG EU PVE.

Discussion in 'Seeking Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Elementrix, May 26, 2014.

  1. Elementrix

    Elementrix New Cupcake

    May 26, 2014
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    I am not sure how many guilds are still actively seeking members for their roster when the game launches, but i thought that it was worth putting a few paragraphs and information about myself here to see if there are any like minded people in guilds with spots still available. I will try to keep the information as concise as possible.

    Personal information

    Name : Daniel Lewis
    Age : 25
    Gender : Male
    Location/Timezone : Wales (UK), GMT.


    Name: Elementrix
    Main Class: Engineer
    Role: DPS preferred but Tank also considered.
    Path: Scientist.

    (Note: I am also willing to play the Spellslinger class as a DPS)

    Raiding days/time

    I am able to raid 7 days a week, with a preference on raid start time of 19:00 GMT (7pm) or later. I have no issues with raid end time.


    I am a 25 year old university student, studying BA journalism at Cardiff University in Wales (UK). I am an easy going individual that enjoys socializing with others and having a good time. However, when it comes to completing a task, such as raiding, I like to be serious and focused on the task at hand. I enjoy all of the usual pass times, such as sport, gaming and various other activities. I am a very capable individual, a quick learner with a very high motivation level. If I put my mind to something, I will try my hardest to be the best at it, or do it to the best of my ability. I have been told that I am a competent and skilled leader, but I also believe that I work well as a member of a team and am absolutely willing to follow advice/orders when they are given to me. Studying journalism was a natural progression of my passion for writing and research. I like to make sure that I have researched all possible articles etc that could assist me in making an informed decision etc when writing, and this feeds into my gaming, as I make sure that I am up to date on all the various workings and mechanics of the classes in game. It is my goal to become an editor in future for an online/newspaper organisation, but am looking forward to writing articles and opinion pieces for the public to see. I am an organised individual who has very clear principles when it comes to punctuality and preparation.

    Gaming Experience

    I have been an avid gamer from a very young age. Console gaming is very dear to me, and I enjoy almost all genre of game, but PC gaming is where I spend the majority of my time and is what I enjoy the most. My MMO experience is mostly contained in World of Warcraft. I have the best part of 7 years raiding experience in WoW, coming into the game just before the release of The Burning Crusade, and raiding ever since i reached maximum level. It is due to this experience, that I believe I have the necessary transferable skills to be equally as good in Wildstar. From the Burning Crusade up until late Cataclysm era, I was very much a hardcore raider, focusing on the hardest content the game had to offer in various guilds that matched my ambition. Heroic raiding was and always will be my passion and aim. Spending the majority of my time on the Lightbringer server, I was in many prestigious guilds that were considered very hardcore at the time. As I was much younger back then, we often raided 6 hours a night, and the raids were very professional. During my time in WoW, I also set up and lead a guild that attained second spot on our server at a time when it was very competitive, ranking only behind Independence, a top 50 world guild at the time. Along with my Co-GM (he may still be convinced to play wildstar hehe), we lead a very successful but also a very friendly guild that was highly enjoyable. During my time, I was also made officer in many of the hardcore guilds that I joined, being relied upon to carry out various tasks that would progress the guild and keep things running at an optimal level, including raid leading and recruitment. I should mention that I was an Elemental Shaman main for 7 years, but played all classes and all rolls to a very high standard.

    When Mists of Pandaria was released, due to my pursuit of a University course in Journalism, i stopped raiding hardcore after the first tier of raiding, in order to give my full attention to my studies at that time. I still raided when I could, and if we could do heroic raids, then we would always have a go, but the emphasis on heroic progression had to take a back seat for a year or two while I got things in order. WoW had become a bit stale for me after 7 years of raiding it and I was seeking a new challenge where I could recapture the old feeling. Wildstar looks like this will give me what I am seeking, and i have followed its development for a long time.

    For the past year or so, my group of friends and I have been dipping in and out of WoW periodically, raiding the new content and then stopping once we have seen it, the love for the game has just died ever so slightly. We have been playing League of Legends as our main game in that time and I find it very enjoyable, but I am craving a new MMO to hold my time and attention like WoW once did. WIldstar is this game.


    I am seeking to get back to fairly hardcore raiding with the introduction of Wildstar. I would prefer an exile guild, but am willing to go Dominion if needed. I am seeking to beat the content at the highest possible level, and challenge myself to be the best at my chosen role and class. I wish to join a group of players that are of the same mindset i have, wanting to be part of a friendly and vibrant atmosphere, whilst having very clear goals when it comes to raiding and PvE content. I believe that all members of a raid should be clued up on raid mechanics and boss tactics prior to a night of raiding. I like members of my guild to be as dedicated as I am to progress, so being absolutely in tip top condition regarding class mechanics, consumables etc. I believe that I can offer my experience of raiding in high pressure situations and 7 years knowledge of team building/gameplay to any guild that wishes to try me out. In return, all i ask is that the guild be an enjoyable place to be, with nice people who are focused on having a good time and progressing as much as possible. Wipes are a part of progression, so I am not under the illusion that raiding should be easy. In Burning Crusade, it was no unknown for top guilds to spend hours a night for weeks on end, wiping on hard bosses such as lady Vashj or Illidan, but it was always worth it for that satisfying moment when the kill finally comes. I do not raid well with people who rage at others constantly. If people make a mistake once, then it's only human. If the same person keeps making the same mistake, then that is a problem that can be dealt with, but imo, it is never the correct thing to do to single out people for a guild wide dressing down. This is bad for morale. I am looking for a guild where English is the primary language in which raids are conducted.

    I want to experience all the content, both PvE and PvP. Although i do want to focus on PvE, I enjoy the occasional game in PvP for some relaxation or fun with friends.

    Gaming Specs.

    AMD FX™ - 4100 Quad core processor (4CPUs) ~3.6GHz
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 770
    8GB RAM

    I have a fiber-optic broadband line, running at around 50 MB. I almost never have issues with connectivity etc, excluding the occasional ISP problem in the area. FPS in raids and in game are always very stable and never hinder my ability to perform.

    Closing thoughts

    I would like to thank anyone who took the time to read this wall of text, I am aware that it can be painful to read large blocks of text, but i am of the mindset that applications should be very thorough and full of information. Should you wish to know anything else that i may have missed, i can be contacted at:


    I have experience of using Team speak, although it has been a while. I have vast knowledge of using and maintaining a Ventrilo server for many years.

    Kind Regards

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  2. Zippo11

    Zippo11 New Cupcake

    May 2, 2014
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    Take a look at www.exinferno.com. We have multiple raids groups for both factions aswell as NA and EU. Hope to see you soon.

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