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Story First Dom Aurin

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by Star Koneko, Apr 14, 2014.

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    A dominion Aurin… Well, that’s an occurrence you should never see, ever. It’s even hard to get an Aurin to agree to go into an Adventure if it involves having to wear a simulated disguise of a Cassian. The Aurin are a peace loving, tree hugging, good natured species, however.. they hold the bitterest grudge against their enemy – the Dominion, mainly due to the fact that the Chua were mostly responsible for the destruction of their home planet, Arboria. This left the queen to make a very quick, rash decision.. to leave Arboria and find a new place for the Aurin to call home. Thus came the start of this story, an adventure in this untamed planet known as Nexus.

    Chapter 1 – Exile

    Star woke up from her deep slumber – stretching and yawning as the sun blared through her window, looking forward to what news was to come to her and the rest of the Aurin of Sylvan Glade within a few hours. She prepared for the day she had ahead of her – bathing, combing her fur… she even had gotten in some early morning exercise through doing the Shardspire Canyon Challenge she had built on her small floating island. After preparing briefly, she headed for the warp portal to go to Thayd – she wanted to buy a few things for her home, and dye her outfit for the day! However…

    6 Aurin Guards came through the warp portal just as Star was about to step in, she took a few steps back – wondering what these Guards could possibly want from her. Star stared at them observingly, with an emotionless, blank look as one of her ears flicked curiously.

    Star: So… are.. one of you going to talk or are you all just going to kind of just.. you know, stand here like lamp posts.

    One of the Guards stepped forward, placing a datachron down on the floor – fumbling with it to get the hologram to come out. She just stared at him blankly; he was a scruffy looking Aurin who looked like he was in a lot of pain from the armor he was wearing. Her eyes wondered off, to look at the weapons they were carrying… two were wearing claws, the rest of them had two guns at either side. She smirked at them, grinding her fangs a little, a bit lost in her thoughts…

    These aren’t the normal Aurin guards that protect people… this is a Capture squad, fit for if I try to run… One Spellslinger can root me, the other can use Spatial Shift to place me in the middle of them all, the other two are there to Gate me if needed.. and the stalkers will use their tether mines. Well that’s alright… I have a plan… I can use Flash Freeze to buy me a few seconds to move far enough away in one direction – then I will use void slip and lastly gate in the actual direction I want to go, dash bit away, mount my Woolie and run for it.. as fast as I can into the house. Now I finally have a use for those metal planks I made at the crafting station.. preventing them from coming in long enough for me to use my recall to town and run to whitevale.

    The hologram comes out of the Datachron as the guards take a few steps back. Star stepped up to the Hologram of the queen, bowing to show her respect to her. The hologram begins to speak;

    Star, I, Queen Myala Everstar – have sent these guards here in order to bring you to my chamber in Sylvan Glade. They may look dangerous – but they mean you no harm. They are simply equipped to safely escort you as the passage here from Thayd isn’t quite safe lately; there have been reports of Dominion activity along the way. I look forward to speaking with you, young Aurin.

    The hologram shut off promptly after, and the guard stepped forward immediately to pick it up. The two isles of guards finally separated to surround Star and follow her out. She walked through the town, looking around – saying hellos to the people she knew, leaving Thayd through the Arborian Garden exit. They traveled through the Shroud Gloom Cell – a place ran by the Mordesh; a ghoulish looking species of people whom were infected with a disease called Contagion. A weird, mutated jabbit ran across Star’s feet, she shuddered as she continued on. Some of the Mordesh within the camp quietly observed Star and the guards as they proceeded through the Shroud Gloom Cell. It wasn’t too long as they were on the road again, when..

    Yaenna: Star!! STAR!!

    Yaenna was just ahead of them before they entered Sylvan Glade. She seemed really happy, happier than usual even.

    Yaenna: Star I saw you were coming on the map and I had good news to…tell…

    Suddenly the happiness in her voice went away, seeing the guards surrounding Star.

    Yaenna: You… erm.. what’s going on?
    Star: The Queen requested I come see her immediately. She sent these goons… I mean uh.., good people to escort me to her safely.
    Yaenna: You’re kidding.. right? About the safety part? I’m quite sure you’ve been on some dangerous missions already, you would’ve been fine on your own – but if the Queen ordered it, I shall not judge her ways as she is much wiser than us all. I guess I’ll see you there then!

    Yaenna hurried off to the Queen’s chamber. Star turned to the Guards, with a commanding voice…

    Star: Well, I’m already here so - return to your posts.

    The Guards stared at her, ignoring her words as they were ordered to escort her directly to the queen. Star sighed and shook her head in disbelief, than she went on to speak more;

    Star: Well, may I at least visit my family? Their place is not so far away – You guys can stand right outside the door if you want.

    One of the guards nodded to give her a yes. Star began walking toward a small house, they followed closely behind her. She went inside and closed the door behind her quickly, the guards stood there with their backs facing the door. Star let out a sigh of relief, looking around the home at some of the remnants, feeling great sadness.

    Star: I’m sorry I wasn’t here to prevent this all from happening… I could’ve defended you guys from the Dominion when they raided that day, only if I wasn’t off helping the Lops of Hijunga village.. Now because of that.. you are all just.. a part of the weave..

    Star fell to her knees, taking a moment to herself – the tears rolled down her cheeks, each filled with a memory. She gritted her teeth a bit as she clenched her fists as dark thoughts began to crowd her mind. After a few minutes passed, one of the guards began to knock on the door, snapping her out of her fading state. Star got up, wiping away her tears, shaking her head to shake off her dark thoughts.

    Star: That’s in the past now… the future will be brighter, I hope…

    Star opened the door a little and came outside, closing the door behind her quickly so the Guards can’t look inside. She stood firmly as if nothing had happened. She started walking toward the queen’s Chamber, the guards surrounding her once more. Worried looks were on the faces of some of her friends as she passed them by on her way to see the queen. She stood before the door to go down to the queen’s chamber. She had a bad feeling forming in the pit of her stomach, as she already began to pick up the aura of the queen. She looked back at the home of her family once, and then proceeded inside - she carefully walked down the small passage to the queen’s chamber. She stood before the door and knocked although it wasn’t locked.

    Yaenna: I’ll go get the door your majesty!

    Yaenna ran over to the door, opening it to see Star, who – was looking a little pale. Yaenna eyes filled with worry as she hugged Star briefly then looked into her eyes.
    Star looked back at her with an emotionless, cold look. Yaenna whispered to her..

    Yaenna (Whisper): Star? What’s wrong..? You don’t look like yourself at all... did you visit your family’s home before you came..?
    Star (Whisper): I’m fine..

    Star brushed past Yaenna – proceeding to Queen Myala Everstar, she bowed in respect to the Queen.

    Myala Everstar: Yaenna, I want you to leave – go prepare for later today.
    Yaenna: Your wish is my command, Myala.

    Yaenna walked out of the chamber, the guards quickly closed the door, locked it, and stood by it. Yaenna heard the lock, it made her very curious – the door to the queen’s chamber is never locked… unless… they didn’t want someone to escape. Yaenna quickly stood next to the door, pretending she was tending to the plants in front of it so that no one suspects anything. She listened in on what was happening…

    Myala Everstar: Well, you already know why you are here right now I’ll assume.
    Star: No.. I... I don’t..
    Myala Everstar: What do you take me for? A fool?
    Star: Uhm…

    Redleaf stared at Star, looking highly upset, he rudely interrupts the conversation.

    Redleaf: How could you betray us, your own kind? We had faith in you and you let us down, not only did you let us down but you don’t even feel bad enough to admit it! You are such a.. a..!!

    Redleaf growled and pounced at Star, swiftly cutting her side with precision. Star yelped in pain, than fell to her knees. Yaenna covered her mouth as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Arwick Redleaf raised the blade of his claws – ready to put an end to Star, as the queen stopped him.

    Myala Everstar: Redleaf! That’s enough!
    Redleaf: Hmmpf… disappointment..

    Redleaf quickly sheathed his claws, than went back to where he was standing. Star looked up at the queen, growling a bit at her, showing her fangs. The Spellslinger guards took out their weapons and pointed them at Star.

    Myala Everstar: Guards, you can put your weapons down.. she is no threat to me – a traitor yes, crazy she is not. Star, we had great faith in you… as we watched you grow.. not just in level, but in strength. See, as Yaenna has been my most loyal observer from Sylvan Glen, I have deployed spies, to not only keep an eye on her.. but also on her friends. Have you no shame?

    Star: She was sick… I couldn’t just leave her there to die.

    Myala Everstar: She? That thing was a she? Chua do not have genders, just as they don’t have hearts.

    Star: They do have genders – and they have hearts! Sure they may have been the main aid in the destruction of our home planet.. but are you just going to take that act and blame it on every single Chua? I’m sure just as we are; they have their own lives, their own families.. I thought we Aurin are good natured, that we can forgive the past.. that we can change relations for the better. Bloodshed should not be the only way to do that.

    Myala Everstar: Do you even hear yourself? Bloodshed is the only thing those hairy little freaks understand. They killed your family, Star.. the only thing that meant the most to you in this world… they destroyed. How could you even begin to forgive them for doing such a thing?

    Star: I’m pretty sure there are Chua that are like me.. who we made orphans. You ask me if I hear myself, do you even hear your own self? What happened to you…? What happened to us? If you're so bent on being a race of vicious warriors – we could’ve stayed and fought for Arboria but instead you ordered we leave. The Aurin were never barbarians… we used to not mind who we helped, good or evil…

    Myala Everstar: I have heard enough, Star – even the trees are disappointed in you. For this treacherous act… I sentence you to prison, for life. I am merciful enough to at least let you live, but I cannot allow you to go free as you may do harm to other Aurin. Guards, take this traitor to the Identity Core Chamber where she shall forever be suspended for her crime against our people.

    Yaenna quickly ran off in a huff so the guards do not see she was listening in on the conversation, she had went to examine what Merli Gladewalker was selling. The guards placed energy cuffs on Star – so that at any attempts to escape she would be drained of energy. Redleaf walked up to Star and took her pistols, as he glared into her eyes. He mumbled…

    Redleaf: Enjoy your last few days on this earth, runt.. Your friend Yaenna is becoming the Matria of Sylvan Glade in 3 days.. celebrations will run for a few days following. While everyone is busy celebrating - I will sneak off to end your pathetic existence…

    Redleaf walked off to the Queen, placing Star’s guns down in front of her. Star lowered her head, her ears went down, she sighed as she looked at Redleaf. She turned and began walking, the guards walking with her closely – escorting her out of the chamber to take her to the prisoner’s den. Yaenna saw them bringing Star out, she noticed the energy cuffs. Yaenna ran over pretending as if she didn’t hear any of what had happened.

    Yaenna: Star? What happened? Are you off on a special mission again?
    Star: I don’t wish to talk about it..
    Yaenna: But Star!

    The guards pushed Star, forcing her to continue moving forward. Star looked at Yaenna, with tears in her eyes – fearing it is the last time she will ever see her best friend. Star then pushed the guards away with her elbows; turned and ran back toward Yaenna, the energy cuffs drain effect activate – surrounding her with waves of electricity, shocking her as she proceeds, she falls before Yaenna. Star looked up at Yaenna..

    Star: I’m sorry you have to see me like this; I just wanted to say… I always thought of you like a sister. You were the only person I knew… who was there for me after the raid. Surely.. if it wasn’t for you – I would’ve gone insane with a thirst for vengeance, like a fool.. I would’ve died without much reason. Thanks for being there for me, Yaenna…

    The guards picked Star up, turned her back around and pushed her forward roughly, almost knocking her back down. Star sighed and continued walking – this time, with a small limp from the drained energy, and the wound at her side beginning to feel more painful in her weekend state. Yaenna watched as Star was carried away, already contemplating a plan to save her. A small smile formed on her face whilst she watched then she went on about her day.

    Later that day, after the announcement of Yaenna becoming the new Matria within 3 days, she slipped out of Sylvan Glade for a short while as she had a task to perform; Freeing Star. She now knew that her every move was being watched by a spy – who it was however, she did not know. She walked down the path of the Verdant vale – on her way to Hunter Staill to receive information on how to reach the Exo-Site safely. Yaenna’s plan was to tell him that she needed to speak with the Safety avatar on increasing Sylvan Glade’s security once the queen and her guards leave for Thayd. Hunter Staill has never left his post but passing travelers always share their stories with him, having taught him a lot about many different places. After carefully avoiding the Shadetail Scramblers along the way, Yaenna reached Hunter Staill’s post. For once, Hunter Staill was not at his post. This drew a little suspicion as Yaenna doesn’t remember seeing Hunter Staill at the announcing of her position.

    Yaenna turned around to head back towards Sylvan Glade.. when she turned; there were two Shadetail Scramblers – waiting there, watching her. One of the Shadetail Scramblers was twirling its tail; ready to use Tail spin if Yaenna took one step in their direction. Fortunately for Yaenna, Hunter Staill was right behind them – he was just about to return to his post.

    Hunter Staill: I thought I told you apes to find somewhere else to play around. This path is for the safe passage of travelers from the Hijunga village to Sylvan Glade.

    The Shadetail Scramblers looked at one another for a moment – than begin to laugh in their usual crazed and twisted way. Without hesitation, Hunter Staill used nano skin, disappearing right before their eyes – leaving the Shadetail Scramblers confused. The Shadetail Scramblers then turned back to Yaenna – charging at her with their Clawing Frenzy attack. Yaenna closed her eyes shivering, her arms crossed to try and protect herself from their vicious fury. Just before they could land their claws on Yaenna, Hunter Staill quickly used pounce, dashing through them – achieving a double kill with one blow; shattering the Shadetail Scramblers into pixels that are carried away by the wind. Hunter Staill sheated his claws than walked over to Yaenna, and held her close to comfort her within a hug. Yaenna stopped shivering and started smiling – returning the hug to Hunter Staill for a moment. Hunter Staill stepped back, assuming his post..

    Hunter Staill: I was just returning from Sylvan Glade after hearing the announcement – Congratulations on being the new Matria of Sylvan Glade young Aurin. I know you will do us proud in watching over Sylvan Glade, although I do wonder… why did you come here without any guards? You could’ve been hurt, Matria Yaenna.

    Yaenna: Well, the queen’s guards will be leaving with her when she leaves.. So I wanted to go to the Exo-site to use the Safety avatar to send out a message to all travelers that they may come apply for guard jobs. I came to you to see if you can mark my map with the safest entry to the Exo-site.

    Hunter Staill: Sure, anything for you Matria Yaenna – but I recommend asking the queen if you can borrow her guards to escort you there safely.

    Yaenna pulled out a tablet with her holographic map on it and handed it over to Hunter Staill who then proceeded to mark the map.

    Hunter Staill: There you go! I had also added it to your tasks list, so that it is easier for you to locate the proper route I put on your map.

    Yaenna: Thank you very much Hunter Staill, take care and be safe!

    Yaenna bowed to Hunter Staill who bowed to her respectfully. He watched as she began walking away – to make sure she was safe, his own thoughts began to arise in his mind..

    I’ll wait a short while before I follow the queen’s orders and spy on Yaenna. She does indeed need watchers, to protect her from things like those silly Shadetail Scramblers. I really do hope the queen made the right choice in this Matria.. well, I don’t have to hope. I know she did, the queen is wise beyond all of our knowledge combined – she certainly can’t have chosen incorrectly.

    Yaenna just crossed over the bridge, she turned left and headed to the Den of Courage – where she would begin her plans. Hunter Staill, still in stealth waited until she was at the desk – then he quickly snuck by in the cave then hid behind a thick vine where he had a spot to observe her from. Yaenna opened a secret compartment of the desk from where she first, pulled out a stone.

    Yaenna: I finally have a use for this stone Star had given me.

    The stone emitted a bizarre glow; it had slow changing colors – as well as changing patterns. Star’s father had given her the stone in the past and since Star wasn’t going to just stay in Sylvan Glade after the incident, she gave the stone to Yaenna. It is no mere shiny rock – but a Stone of Fatigue (Sylvan Glade), an item there only exists one of due to the fact it does not have a use limit but it also takes quite a long time to recharge. While protecting the bearer from its affects; it creates a sphere around Sylvan Glade that sends special waves through the air to the minds of anyone within the sphere that puts them to sleep for an hour.

    Yaenna closed her eyes, holding the stone in her hand, she held onto it tight. The glow of the stone shot off out of the cave, creating a colorful sphere around Sylvan Glade. Everyone within the sphere began falling asleep where ever they were. Hunter Staill was also affected by the stone’s sleep effect, his nanobite skin skill deactivated as he fell asleep. Yaenna heard him hit the ground; she looked to where she heard it – seeing Hunter Staill asleep through the small hole beneath the vine.

    Yaenna: Well, that takes care of that problem, now; I have less than an hour to free Star, I better be on my way as soon as possible.

    Yaenna pulled out two sets of pistols from the compartment – Blazing Pistols of Hijunga, and Gunslinger’s Irons. She put the Blazing Pistols of Hijunga in her bag, and put the Gunslinger’s Irons in her holsters. After having equipped herself, she reached in once more to pull out a hoverboard, she sighed.

    Yaenna: It’s been so long since Star and I used these, but oh well I’ll figure it out again if I need to.

    Yaenna placed the board down and hopped on it, feeling a bit off balance, she stepped once to push it forward but didn’t put in enough strength. She sighed once then stepped this time – pushing herself forward with all she had, the hoverboard started propelling forward properly as bent her knees and stuck her hands out to better balance on the board. She headed up to the bridge then this time to the right of it, she grabbed a hold of the board and jumped onto the water – heading down the river to the Exo-Site. It was a smooth, straight forward ride until…

    Yaenna: Well, I’m here, at Exo-Site N22.. well at least on the outer wall. I’m going to have to get inside.. Those Augmented Celestial Razortusks look a lot more fierce then they have been described to me as in the past. Hopefully I can avoid them.. the last thing I’d want is to be flattened by their Belly Flop; I heard their Water Rush skill is very powerful too. Hrm….

    Yaenna took about 3 minutes to look around, seeing if there was a way she can get around all to no avail. She looked straight ahead and saw a tree root that grew over the wall.

    Yaenna: There is no way around, so I guess I will just have to go through – for Star. The Augmented Celestial Razortusks may chase me, but with my hoverboard I can outrange them. Star, here I come!

    Yaenna moved close enough, then she dashed quickly up the root on her hoverboard and jumped – landing in the Repository Access Column – a sector of the Exo-Site. She looked around and saw N22 Protectors and an Augmentor, who also saw her.

    N22 Protector: Halt. Do not move or we will be forced to exterminate you.

    Yaenna saw the portal to the Nanite Repository a few steps away, she took one step toward it and within a moment; the Augmentor started charging toward her.

    Augmentor: Prepare for rapid deconstruction.

    Yaenna quickly dashed for the portal before the Augmentor could reach her, she went inside. Just before the Augmentor could Saw Punch Yaenna, she disappeared. Now in the Nanite Repository, Yaenna looked around she knew the only two monsters that crawl around in this place is Glitchbyte Thrashers and Glitchbyte Leechers. Well, the Leechers don’t do much crawling it’s more like flying around, waiting to swoop down upon unsuspecting victims. The room straight ahead is where she needed to go - the Identity Core Chamber. She had no doubt that is where they decided to hold Star… at least.. until the Mordesh come to request a new test subject. There were four capsules; two on either side of the Identity Core Chamber.

    Yaenna used the access code she saw one time within the documents she received to give to the queen. The Safety Avatar appeared before her, and then began to speak…

    Safety Avatar: To allow you access the database you must first tell me your name.

    Yaenna: My name is Yaenna – I am an Aurin from Sylvan Glade.

    Safety Avatar: Access granted. What is it that you wish to achieve?

    Yaenna: Access to the prisoner containment units, there was a prisoner brought here and put in suspended animation today by the name of Star. I want her to be released from her containment unit.

    Safety Avatar: Containment unit unlocked, releasing subject – now.

    The first containment unit to the right of Yaenna opened the gas that kept Star in suspended animation coming out and dissipating as the glass began to lift. Star slowly opened her eyes – her view was blurred, she tried reaching out and stepping carefully but fell out instead, landing on her knees and hands, coughing a little. Yaenna, without any thought and with a burst of happiness shouted…

    Yaenna: Star!! STAR!!

    This drew the Glitchbyte Leeches attention. The Glitchbyte Leech that was floating above Star came down close about to use Ethereal Emission; the one that was behind Yaenna was about to do the same. Yaenna threw the Blazing Pistols of Hijunga then took out the Gunslinger’s Irons. Star rolled onto her feet, catching the Pistols and taking them firmly in both hands, as she aimed, able to reach the Glitchbyte behind Yaenna.

    Star: Yaenna! Dodge!

    Yaenna quickly dodged out of the way – Star used Ignite followed by Wild Barrage. Only Ignite reached the Glitchbyte Leecher nearby Yaenna, Yaenna pointed her Gunslinger Irons at it, using Quick Draw a few times. The Glitchbyte Leecher began using Flux Fusion – breaking its self into smaller leeches which blew up quickly. Yaenna took quite a bit of damage from that skill, and the Glitchbyte Leecher only reformed ready to continue fighting. After Star’s Wild Barrage skill ended – having successfully landed a painful blow upon the Glitchbyte Leech before her, she concentrated her Ignite, turning it into a Flame Burst – finally destroying both the Glitchbyte Leeches. Star dashed over to Yaenna who was now on her knees, panting. Star kneeled down to be at eye level with Yaenna, speaking softly;

    Star: Yaenna… you will be fine, you just have to trust me on this okay?

    Star pointed the pistols at Yaenna, her tail curling at her leg whilst light begins to form in the pistols. Yaenna looked at Star, with tears in her eyes – partially from the pain, the rest was from fear; although Yaenna trusts Star… she is not sure if they could’ve done something to her mind. Yaenna closed her eyes – blinded by the light of Star’s pistols. Star got pushed a step back by the Vitality Burst she just used on Yaenna. Yaenna stood up, feeling regenerated, Star spun her pistols putting them in her holsters, Yaenna hugged her happily – glad nothing had changed. Then Yaenna remembered… the time! They were running out of time! She stood back and spoke a bit loud, a sense of urgency in her voice;

    Yaenna: Star we have to go right now! I used the Stone of Fatigue to weed out my spy – also to buy me time to free you and for you to escape.

    Yaenna turned to the Safety Avatar.

    Yaenna: Safety Avatar, I want you to delete all the footage of the past 2 hours from the point we leave. Do not let the Cameras start recording until 30 minutes after we leave, when we are leaving I will say goodbye for you to start both processes.

    Star: Yaenna… you didn’t have to go through all of this, someone is bound to come in tomorrow to check in on me… they won’t see me here and then they will use vinds to track me down. They will find me again… then they’ll probably execute me immediately for escaping.

    Yaenna: No they won’t, I brought this…

    Yaenna took a small bottle out of her pocket labeled Replicatum. She gave it to Star who stared at her wondering curiously what it is.

    Yaenna: While you’ve been away, I’ve studying many different things – and creating items based off of what I study. This potion in particular I’ve labeled Replicatum; it is based off my studies of Redleaf’s skills, his Clone skill to be exact. I ran experiments, trying to extend the state of the Clone - I have tested this on a vind and it worked!… - it lasted for four days than it disappeared. You just have to drink a quarter of what’s in the bottle for it to last four days. You can drink more, I’m just… erm… , unsure of what would happen if you consume that much at one time; So to be safe, only ingest a quarter.

    Star looked at the potion for a moment, opened it then sighed; she pulled out an empty potion bottle then poured a Quarter of the Replicatum in. She closed the Replicatum and handed it back to Yaenna. She shook the bottle she poured some into, than she began drinking it - it made her feel dizzy, causing her to stumble back and fall down. Star shook her head then looked up, before her – there was a clone of her standing there. Yaenna guided the Clone over to the containment unit Star came out of and helped it into the containment unit. Star had gotten up and dusted herself off as Yaenna came back over – standing firmly in front of the Safety Avatar.

    Yaenna: Safety Avatar, contain the life form in containment unit one – place it under Suspended Animation.

    Safety Avatar: As you wish, but first you must play a memory game to complete this process.

    Yaenna looked at Star as Star looked back at her; Star nodded to her standing in front of the Safety Avatar’s control panel – pressing start game.

    Memory Game Started

    • Green, Blue

    Star pressed Green, followed by Blue.

    • Green, Blue, Green

    Star pressed Green, Blue, than Green.

    • Green, Blue, Green, Orange

    Star sighed, wondering how long it would take as she pressed Green, Blue, Green, and Orange.

    • Green, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue

    Star pressed Green, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and lastly, Blue.

    Memory Game Complete

    Safety Avatar: Containment process started.

    Star stepped back from the control panel then turned to Yaenna.

    Star: Let’s go.

    Star began walking, Yaenna walked besides her, stopping at the entrance before the hall to the Nanite Repository. Star continued to walking, as Yaenna gave the safety Avatar the command with an enthusiastic burst of energy.

    Yaenna: Goodbye!

    Safety Avatar: Starting processes now.

    Yaenna dashed off without hesitation out of the room, into the hall than into the Nanite Repository to catch up to Star.

    Safety Avatar: Good --

    The safety avatar glitched for a moment, a deeper, unwelcoming voice came forth.

    Augmented Avatar: Bye..

    Star was already outside – in the Repository Access Column, already having planned their route to leave the Exo-site. She saw a thick tree root that led over the wall – this could get them to the Celestial River. Yaenna appeared next to Star then turned to look where Star was.
    Yaenna: Oh! That’s where I came in! There is a really thick tree root on the other side of the wall as well!

    Yaenna’s voice attracted the attention of the surrounding monsters; the monsters stood still, with their eyes all on Star. Star ignored them and continued to look around, lost in her thoughts..

    " Okay, so there is two N22 Protectors nearby the root.. if we run they will give chase for sure. The N22 Sentinels and Malfunctioning N22 Blasters see us, but if we head toward that branch.. they’ll be out of range so they will not give chase. Hrm… Well, if chase is what they want to do… chase is what they will do – at least, until I pull out my tricks. "

    Yaenna: Uh… Star?

    Star: Yaenna, I have a plan but it may be a bit crazy. We don’t have time to leave through the normal route – plus that is a lot more dangerous. I’m going to need you to trust me again. You are going to go up the root first, got it? Get on your Hoverboard.

    Yaenna: Got it!

    Yaenna got on her hoverboard, giving a strong kick to start it; she headed toward the root, Star dashed behind her. Just as expected, the N22 Protectors went after Yaenna. Star stopped for a moment – once Yaenna was up the tree root a bit, Star used Flash Freeze, then gated between the two N22 Protectors. Yaenna jumped off the tree root tip, Star stopped short – seeing as the N22 Protectors were starting to climb the root. Star waved farewell to the N22 Protectors, used Void Slip and jumped off the root. Clueless of what happened, the N22 Protectors returned to their positions.

    Yaenna: That was incredible! You learned a lot while you were away.

    Star got on her Hoverboard, leading the way to the river. Yaenna followed behind her – One Augmented Celestial Razortusk saw them but, too lazy to give chase; it stayed there waddling around in its own filth. They quickly headed down the Celestial River, to the other side of the Bridge and into the Den of courage. Yaenna walked with Star over to the secret compartment, placing her hoverboard on the table. She pulled out a strange looking device; it looked similar to a Datachron. Yaenna handed it over to Star.

    Yaenna: Take this; it is a special device I made from studying Redleaf’s nanobite skin skill, and from what traveling settlers have told me about the cloaking machines they’ve built sometimes. You will be able to use this device five times before it needs to be recharged. Just like a Stalker, you will be able to go invisible, but the time however; will be limited. It lasts for ten minutes per use unless you cancel the effect by using a skill. Ten minutes should be enough for you to get from here to town and then from there you can go to whitevale… you may be safe there, at least for a little while. We have to hurry, there’s only twelve minutes left for you to leave.

    Yaenna closed the compartment, than headed out of the den. Star looked at the device in her hand and held it close as she followed Yaenna. They ran over to the bridge that’s directly connected to the path to Thayd. They walked to the middle of the bridge and stood there, looking over at the Celestial river, which glistened in the night. Star turned to Yaenna and hugged her tight.

    Star: I’m sorry it has to be this way; I hope maybe someday in the future I’ll be able to see you again. I’ll miss you a lot Yaenna… you are a very great friend, and well.. the only family I have now.. thanks for taking this risk for me.

    Yaenna: I’ll see if I can make arrangements for you to visit somehow in the future, but for now you have to go. I’ll miss you Star, a lot… Good luck on this new adventure and please stay safe, enough Aurin have already died.

    Star looked at the pistols she had, and then gave them over to Yaenna.

    Star: Keep them, to remember me by… I will find new pistols while I’m out there.
    Yaenna: Are you sure?
    Star: Yes, I’m sure..
    Yaenna: Well… Alright. Get going now, there’s only a few minutes left before the Stone of fatigue’s effects wear off.

    Star smiled at Yaenna, hugging her once more, then she turned and ran toward the path – using the device Yaenna had given her; she disappeared before Yaenna’s eyes. Yaenna sighed and looked up at the night sky.

    .. Such a beautiful night, but it was filled with great sorrow..​

    Five minutes past, the spell wore off the citizens of Sylvan Glade. Hunter Staill had jumped up, not knowing what had just happened – all he knew was that Yaenna wasn’t there. He used his Nanobite skin skill immediately and ran out of the Den of Courage than he stood there, wondering where Yaenna could have gone. He looked around then saw she was there on the bridge, crying. He ran up into Sylvan Glade, hid behind some trees, to watch her. Redleaf was walking in Sylvan Glade, he noticed Yaenna than he started walking to her. Yaenna’s ears flickered as she heard the sound of footsteps; she quickly wiped her tears and stopped crying. Redleaf stopped beside Yaenna, looking up at the night sky.

    Redleaf: Beautiful night, isn’t it?
    Yaenna: Yes, it is.. Sylvan Glade is a beautiful place, after all.

    There was a few minutes of silence, then Redleaf leaned over the bridge with his elbows resting on its side, he looked over to Yaenna as she looked back into his eyes. Redleaf sighed, as he had to be the one to give the news about Star.

    Redleaf: Well, I hate to ruin your night but the Queen sent me to talk to you. This won’t be easy at all to say…

    Yaenna already knew what he was going to say, but she stood up as he did the same. She pretended as if she was bracing herself for bad news, Redleaf sighed again.

    Redleaf: Your friend Star was sentenced to prison for life. She was found aiding the enemy, and we can’t take the risk that she will help the Dominion further and lead to our demise. Everstar Grove is already lost; we do not want to lose Sylvan Glade, too. The Queen, her guards and I will be taking our leave early in the morning after your crowning as Matria. I will occasionally visit this place to check on you.

    Yaenna looked at Redleaf, tears filled her eyes, and she ran off. Redleaf turned back and looked up at the sky as he muttered to himself.

    Redleaf: I won’t have time to kill Star before we leave… but after the Queen is safe and secure in Thayd, I can come back in a few days to check up on Yaenna… than I can go pay Star a little visit.

    The ceremony came fast, and so... Yaenna was crowned as the Matria of Sylvan Glade. There was great festivities and celebration that would run for a few days after. The morning came, and the citizens of Sylvan Glade gave Queen Myala Everstar a rousing good bye celebration. Star was already in whitevale, suffering in the cold. She found a small place between two huge trees, there were smaller dead trees around she used pieces of to keep a fire going; she huddled by it, trying to think of a plan. The day after came and as planned, the clone disappeared; by that time Star had continued walking. The guards came to Yaenna and told her that Star escaped but there is no footage of her having escaped, than they awaited their orders. Yaenna ordered them to search for 20 minutes, while she gathered the citizens at the announcement ring. The guards came back with their search jabbits, having found nothing – only dead ends. Yaenna stood before the citizens and the guards then began to speak.

    Yaenna: The prisoner Star has escaped – this does not mean your lives are in danger. I don’t think she would ever step foot on this soil ever again, if she does – it would be at the risk of her life. She does not have any dire knowledge that would be useful to the Dominion, in fact – they may kill her as soon as they see her. Let it be known, that from this day forth Star has been sentenced to exile – she is no longer a part of our family, just a criminal like the Dominion.

    The crowd rejoiced, and celebrations continued. Yaenna was lost in her thoughts at the celebration….

    Star, I really hope you will be okay out there, everything here has gone according to plan. Maybe you will make your own union, Outcast… I’m sure there is probably Dominion who are going through the same as you, not only Dominion, but others within the Exile union. It would be nice to have a neutral union… at least that way; I’d know that you are safe..

    --- End of Chapter ---​
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