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Frozen is Recruiting

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Donner, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Donner

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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Hello everyone, Frozen is the name of a brand new guild I am starting in Wildstar when the game comes out. We are planning on doing everything the game has to offer from pvp warplots to all the raids, dungeons and adventures. I am hoping Frozen will become a very close social group of players. Right now I am looking for some friendly people who would like to join and help me get this guild off the ground and have some fun! I plan on making the guild on a pvp server to add that extra challenge.

    If you are interested in joining you can leave a reply on here or message me on skype.
    My skype ID is koalafrenzy

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