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Google Authenticator

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Khayl Williamson, Dec 4, 2014.


Do you think Wildstar should try to provide options for Google authenticator recovery?

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  1. Khayl Williamson

    Khayl Williamson New Cupcake

    Dec 4, 2014
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    I have read the other 5 threads about having authenticators on Wildstar. All of these threads are from 2013 and so I am posting a new thread about the issues with Google authenticator specifically in Wildstar.

    I have a suggestion for improvement, since it seems the internet is teeming with people having issues with lost/stolen/or otherwise disabled cell phones or programs that are linked to their Wildstar accounts with the Google authenticator App.

    If the phone authenticator is disabled in any way Wildstar does not provide a second option. I suggest they take Google's own practices into consideration.

    1. When using Google authenticator with my Google accounts and my phone suddenly is unavailable Google has already provided me with an alternate option for recovery inside of its own security settings. I have several phone numbers associated with my account as well as a page of back up numbers that can be printed out as well as saved inside my security settings.

    2. Since Wildstar is only a game and not a whole website that has its own security protocols I think Wildstar should allow the option of either having a one time key sent to your registered email account (if this is problematic with security then see other options) or much like Google let you store some options and allow you to choose from a drop down which method you prefer to use. This way if you lose your phone or something makes you unable to use it then you have a way to recover your account without tedious time consuming contact with Wildstar support.

    I am not saying that all of the responsibilities of writing down your Seed code for Google authenticator is up to Wildstar, but a lot of people did not know they needed to save it the first time... If there were other options Wildstar Support would not be getting flooded with requests to remove authenticator from players, and the players would not feel like it is too much trouble to have authenticator just in case they get locked out that day they have set aside for raids.

    Like me... Today.

    I hope this helps! Remember to write down your authenticator seed code when setting it up! Or you may find yourself in my boat, sinking.

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