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Recruiting [Hazak][PVE/PVP] Furia - Spanish Guild

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by nottu2584, Jul 9, 2014.

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    Jul 9, 2014
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    Furia Gaming Community - http://furiaguild.com
    Hazak - Spanish-speaking Guild

    What is Furia?

    Are you tired of wandering Nexus? Are youlooking for a place with mature and serious people that share your expectations? Are you interested in everything that Wildstar can offer and want to get the most out of it? To answer these questions (and others that I left), our section of Furia was born in Wildstar, an adult and mature guild of players with over 15 years of experience in MMO's, real veterans and old-school players: if it existed, Furia was there (most likely!).

    Furia is part of a larger community of online games, Furia Gaming Community. We are, generally, a diverse group of people from one place or another that have come to share experiences in different MMO's over the years. Our own concern led us to create a guild in Wildstar that would fit our values.

    If you are interested in our history can consult a brief summary here.

    What can Furia offer you?

    • Seriousness: within Furia we try to be organized, we perform with seriousness and respect when it is required.
    • Maturity: given our experience, we expect some degree of maturity and understanding from each of our players.
    • Events: en Furia there is always something to do, PvE? PvP? Kill something? Cut trees?? Anything!
    • Fun: leaving behind the seriousness, Furia is a place to spend a good time, to have a laugh, to talk about the weather, or rant about the mortgage, or your boss, even world news or anything you can imagine.

    Liking what you read? Then check this!

    We value players for their attitude, not their quality, although we appreciate it; just to clarify as much as possible, your attitude towards the guild will take you much further than not your hands, because if you dont have a pair we will make them grow!.

    If you think Furia might be your place, do not hesitate and contact us at our website or ingame!

    Hoping to see you all in Nexus!

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