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EU [Hazak PvP][PvX Content][Dominion] - Exitium Dei - Welcoming community of MMO Vets

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Lupo, May 31, 2014.

  1. Lupo

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    May 31, 2014
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    Guild Name - Exitium Dei
    Guild Tag - [ExDei]
    Server - Hazak-EN PVP
    Faction - Dominion (Aurins are KoS ofc :p)
    Website -
    Language -
    English (Required)
    Voice Comms -
    Teamspeak3 (Required for Competitive)
    Guild Leaders -
    Lupo, Blackphantom
    Min Age -
    18+ (Recommended, not forced)
    Min. Time Investment -
    2 days/week or 8 hours/week
    Timezone -
    GMT -2 to GMT +2
    Skill Level Requested -
    Medium / High (Experience or adaptability requested)
    Activities -
    20 & 40 Man Raiding, Dungeons, Adventures, Open PVP, Arena, Battlegrounds, Warplots

    Exitium Dei is a community of veteran MMO players. We are laid back in general gameplay but shape up and focus when tackling competitive content (Raiding, PvP). Despite being up for about only a year, the members within have known one another for about 4 years. Despite that, we welcome new members with open arms - you don't have to wait for 6 months before we notice you and talk to you, if you participate and chat in-game, on the website or on Teamspeak you're gonna get quickly involved with us!

    The following is a list of what we seek in individuals:

    • Maturity - That is to say, be yourself, act silly, tease and troll others, but show respect at all times, and when it's time to get our game on, you should be there having our back as we have yours!
    • Activity - Do not be a ghost, it's ok if you're shy we don't force people to have fun, but at least play along with the members, or talk endlessly if that's your thing, don't just take a seat and hide from sight ;)
    • Competitive Edge - We have very few rules in our guild - do not disrespect and do not get carried. Plenty of people are willing to help you, discuss stat weights, skill synergies and duel you allowing you to practice various combinations or crunch some numbers for you, but never expect us to carry you. If you can't play the game, we won't play it for you!
    What you get
    As said above, and throughout this post, we can offer you a friendly environment, a group of people determined in backing one another up, sharing silly moments and discovering as much Wildstar content as possible (20 man, 40 man, PvP, Challenges, Exploration, Housing, Lore) We're paying to play the game dammit, and you're gonna be right there with us!

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