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[Housing] Why go to YOUR plot?

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Byronyk, May 31, 2013.

  1. F8L Fool

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    May 27, 2013
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    The reasons you already gave for visiting a house are all perfectly acceptable, not to mention far more important than you make them out to be. Aesthetics is probably the second biggest driver for people frequenting a house, right behind tangible things like vendors. My only real housing experience comes from Ultima Online which is essentially the game that originated player housing. I will just give examples from UO and translate how they could work here (for those of you that played UO this will all be familiar but bare with me):

    Dye Tubs, Rune Books, Vendors, Luck/Buff Statues = Plugs
    In UO certain dyes were only obtainable via special dye tubs. These could be locked down at your house and open to the public at no fee to them. If you had a nice dye setup you could get a lot of traffic to your house. Rune Books were just items you could use to teleport to precise locations. Player ran vendors were the absolute biggest draw since the game had no Auction House, especially if it featured a wide array of vendors from a number of characters. Luck/Buff statues are exactly what they sound like: items that give you buffs when you click on them for a short period of time.

    All of the above things could be done using plugs in this game. It's unknown if player ran vendors will even exist, but if they don't they could always put NPC ones in their place and it could still be useful—albeit detrimental to the purpose of cities.

    The rune books are identical to a feature they've already confirmed: raid portals. It is totally feasible that they would add in other special portals of some kind too, making specific plots a haven for quick travelers. Lastly there are buff stations, which yet again they've confirmed to have and will be extremely valuable.

    Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics and,oh ya....aesthetics = Identical
    People like seeing rare items or cleverly decorated homes. There are thousands upon thousands of rare items in Ultima Online, some of which only a dozen or so exist per server, or less. Being able to see some rare items that dropped only during a launch event (1997) is really fun. As is checking out a wall of statues that complete an entire set and cost hundreds of millions.

    But you know what's really fun? Creative people that make their house look like Christmas year round. Perhaps there is someone that makes an indoor Fight Club, or a torture chamber complete ultra rare skeletons and an Iron Maiden. Maybe there is a guy that spent hundreds of hours of his life doing making murals of objects on his walls; out of hundreds of pieces of tiny items like ore.

    People love that stuff. They tell their friends about it and take them along to browse. Want to see the server first reward for killing the Dragon of OPness? Go check out the house of the guild leader that runs the best guild on your server. The list drags on and on and the possibilities are endless.
    TL;DR The things you listed in the opening post are all good enough reasons to keep people coming back countless times. The challenge is to make rare objects and keep them rare. Not everyone should be able to obtain every single item in the game with ease, just because they want them. As long as Carbine implements housing correctly and lets player's imaginations run wild, there will be more than enough incentive to stop by certain plots.

    For more detailed information about all of this be sure to check out the Housing System wiki of the site. I just made it and will continue adding considerable content over the coming days.
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    May 23, 2013
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    The Nexus
    I think adding achievements would come a long way as well with some additional reward for helping out other players, random reward with some pepix potential.

    I think a lot of people are drawn to achievements and at least it would add a reason for some to explore random places.

    Another reason would be something maybe similar to NeverWinter online, where you set up a quest or assignment for other players, say, slay 15 bandits attacking my home, or scan and harvest some resources and bring them here or give me a fast route from x y and last but not least, build me a bar and earn X as a reward plus some coins.
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    May 25, 2013
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    Behind you healing yo ass
    i will be setting up lazer cannons at the first opportunity and i encourage anyone stupid...i err mean adventurous enough to pop on over and see them...up close...n personnel.

    its great to invite friends or people you know over,but i dont see how out of say 1000 peoples houses you could find a way to go there or advertise some unique way other than posting it on the AH and then people having to come to you at your plot and then purchase direct,why through when you can just buy from the AH.

    the only legit reason would be if you did have unique or very rare plugs for crafting or even for a rare mob spawn and you could allow people access,but again i figure it has to come threw your friends list to allow them to arrive on your island plot.
  4. WarPlots

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    Mar 30, 2013
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    Wildstar has this hardcore mentality, features that are for the 1%. I have a feeling that part of the crafting system will be for the 1% as well. Elite crafters may be able to provide Alterations to locked or random sockets. Players couldn't just buy a chip and swap it themselves. They would have to meet an elite crafter and have them fiddle with their schematic.

    Items that have had an elite change to a locked or random socket will have an asterisk or name change, so other players can take note. When you hover over the item you will see info on the crafter. You search for the crafter, get the waypoint of their plot. The crafter has a rare plug that allows a player to input their gear piece and select the locked or random socket they need changed. In order to do this, they will need to give some ultra rare resource.

    This allows elite crafters to have influence while they are offline.

    I would also like to see a closet feature on a plot. Where visitors can try on any epic drops or costumes you may have, while they are on your plot. There could also be a garage or stable where you could house your mounts. Players could ride your mounts while on your plot. A way for casuals to feel epic, even if only for a short while.

    Battle Wounds and Buffs. Maybe certain plugs will cure or give bonuses to a player. A plot with a hospital, a tavern etc. Walk into the tavern buy a few drinks and gain a confidence buff of some sort.

    Maybe you have rez sickness, travel to the plot that has a care center/ or hospital and instantly get cured.

    Show of your hobbies:

    Fishing and plot ponds are in game. Would like to see dancing or bar-tending hobby as well.

    Off topic:

    Guild housing recently got mentioned in an interview I believe over at http://wildstaronline.de/threads/exklusives-interview-mit-tiffany-chu-joe-piepiora.4126/

    I have a feeling that guild plots or whatever they end up doing will allow for settler structures that are more permanent than the ones you see in the world. So guilds could theoretically go to their guild area for certain buffs. I would be surprised if guild housing isn't somehow tied to player housing. One system I can see working is a Guildmate has to contribute his plot in order to build a certain section of the massive guild plot. The more plots that get combined the more rewarding your guild plot will be.
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    May 26, 2013
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    I would love it if your house would fly over and attach itself next to the houses of your current party members. It would create little temporary neighbourhoods where you and your friends can all hangout together, or groups can gather up before and after a dungeon.

    I don't want my house to be all alone all the time. I had a ton of fun building a town with my friends in Terraria. Hopefully guild neighbourhoods end up giving me that same enjoyment.

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