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I pledge an Oath

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Autumnal, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Autumnal

    Autumnal Cupcake-About-Town

    Aug 14, 2011
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    An oath (from Anglo-Saxon āð, also called plight) is either a statement of fact or a promise calling upon something or someone that the oath maker considers sacred, usually God, as a witness to the binding nature of the promise or the truth of the statement of fact. To swear is to take an oath, to make a solemn vow. Those who conscientiously object to making an oath will often make an affirmation instead.

    I'm going to take a moment, (and a little liberty, here) to try to establish a principle here, strictly voluntary, of course, for myself at minimum, here at WildStar Central. This I apply to myself above, beyond , and in addition to all of WSC's policies of conduct.
    I come from another game, a kid-friendly one, where I was a Company-recognized "Community Leader" (voluntary, not staff), for about 3 years. It wasn't a big "Pro" deal, just something from the heart. As you might imagine, the concept of Community is very near-and-dear to me. It can make or break the best of games, and we all want WildStar to brilliantly succeed, right?

    As I see it, right now, we're in the really "sweet spot" here at WSC. We've got a lot of good people here. All fairly like-minded, courteous, and fun. It has a distinct "we are family" feel. It is not a quality that is inherently eternal, unless we strive to make it so. Once Carbine publicly utters (or even whispers) the word "Beta", all heck is gonna break loose. We will, by nature, get an influx of new members, for better or "worse".

    I say "worse" because we all know the anonymous nature of the internet, combined with MMO's , makes for a lot of false bravado. Call them haters, call them trolls, whatever. You know "the types". Funny thing is, the MLP forums came up with some great anti-hate methods, without having to stoop to flaming, (along the "I'm gonna Love and Tolerate the (expletive) outta you" lines.

    We stand here, at the Dawn of Nexus. We have the power to determine, in advance, what kind of Fansite WSC will be. I firmly believe we should be the Standard by which others are judged. The way we conduct ourselves in these forums will translate into the game, mark my words. I'm no "CareBear", (or would that be CareBunny, here?), by any stretch, but I believe all our battling and firefighting is best left for Nexus Planetside.

    So, what I pledge , as a Member of WSC, it to lead by example, not directive. I'm a nobody, (and I like it that way). However, as a nobody, I stand (virtually) before you and do so affirm that:

    I Will
    • Create an open, welcoming atmosphere for all members, of any persuasion.
    • Respect my fellow member's diverse, and sometime contrary opinions and views.
    • Patiently answer the same question, ad infinitum, until nobody needs it answered.
    • Maintain my posting in a moderately acceptable manner (according to WSC's forum social norms)
    • Ask for clarification, before presuming I'm being personally attacked.
    • "Love and Tolerate the <REDACTED> outta you"
    • Add to this list, as appropriate.
    (I Will NOT)
    • Will not attempt to enforce my opinion as your fact.
    • Will not be baited by obvious trolling, nor participate in pointless "flame wars".
    • Will not forget "where I came from" and develop an "elite" attitude.
    • Will not denigrate any demographically specific populace, in any fashion.
    • Will not aggressively "Trash Talk" another Member for their chosen Race/Affiliations/playstyle
    • Will not presume that my information is complete, and all-encompassing.
    • Will not promote any "hacks" or exploits of WildStar.
    I'm sure there's more that I'll think of, but by this post, consider this promised, by me, to all of you.
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  2. Brotoi

    Brotoi Cupcake-About-Town

    Aug 4, 2011
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    Wooster, Ohio
    It doesn't take an oath if it's a way of life. :cool:

    I appreciate the honesty and the sentiment. I really do. Sadly, I cut my internet teeth on Usenet. No modern discussion forum with regular moderation will ever approach those wild and woolly days.

    Yes, these halcyon days will pass, as all good things must, but the real test of a person's metal is not the oaths we make. It is the life we live, both virtual and real.
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  3. ImmortalExile

    ImmortalExile Cupcake-About-Town

    Aug 23, 2011
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    A very well constructed post. Truly. And it is appreciated.
    I am more or less always treating the internet as I do my own relations in the real world. It's irksome for me to see how some folks "open" up on the interweb and then so choose to lead a second life for themselves, if you will.
    It is nice to see that common courtesy continues today and it's even more nice to see that it carries on into the world wide web.

    I believe that this community will go through its own ups and downs, but all around, any and every family does. People will remember.
    This community is steadily growing; I firmly believe that with what is already established here, WSC is ready with open arms to accept and tolerate even the worst newjack. I mean... hell, some folk here were here before WildStar was WildStar. lol
    Overall, your oath is appreciated and welcomed. May in turn, will the sentiments root throughout.
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  4. Mr.Mike

    Mr.Mike Original Founder

    Nov 8, 2009
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    Sydney, Australia
    Very well said, Autumnal and I couldn't agree more with what you said.

    Pssst... I'm also looking to help start one of, if not the first, WildStar guilds with the majority of WSC members (if they're interested of course), but shhh... it's a secret. You can however express your interest by dropping into the irc channel or sending me a private conversation on the forums.
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