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EU Jabbit | Dominion| Semi-Hardcore | PvE | <Grim Wolves>

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by BlackSwan, Oct 18, 2014.

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    South Africa

    Grim Wolves has been following WildStar like a religion since it's announcement and we're extremely excited about it's release. The game appears to have great longevity thus far, and definitely caters for those of us who enjoy a REAL challenge as far as difficult PvE end-game content is concerned. We have GMs, Raid Leaders, Progression Team members and I believe that, with our combined years of raiding experience, we have a solid chance at smashing some Elder Game content!

    Grim Wolves is extending an invitation to raiders, social players, and small guilds considering a merger to join our gaming family! We're friendly, helpful, passionate about WildStar, and active in Guild Chat, TeamSpeak and on our forums. Our focus is Elder Game PvE (GA 1/6), but do try to arrange other fun activities too.

    Recruitment is currently open to all English speaking (i.e. need to be able to read/speak/understand English in-game and on TeamSpeak 3) residents of South Africa and Europe. All active gamers are welcome. If you're looking for a stable guild full of mature and helpful peeps you can have fun with, head on over to our website and apply. For more info, whisper Gruffalo Grouchasson, Felix Finkelstein, Garrus Redgrave, Stannis Mcmannis, Enforcer Amonxtron, Razorcut Syncronized, Doctor Dinkle, Naknarot Doombringer, Wuss Pinkalienspacehamster, Waik er, Vahlor Thundapants.

    About Us
    Grim Wolves was established in 2012 by a group of spirited, equable, like-minded individuals who sought to achieve excellence in the field of competitive massively multiplayer online gaming. Our Founding Members are World of Warcraft Veteran's who'd grown tired of cookie-cutter Heroics and wanted to explore alternative MMOs. Upon it's inception, Grim Wolves was solely a Guild Wars 2 guild focussed on PvE/WvW progression. Since then, we have evolved into a semi-hardcore multi-game community of friends, with members in Gauteng, the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Europe. Our aim is to provide a multi-game, MMO-oriented clan with a "semi-hardcore" but "dedicated" play style. We represent quality, not quantity. We stake no claim to being the biggest local clan, but are proud to have among our ranks some of South Africa's most notorious online gaming/Do Gaming League veterans from both Unforgiven Gaming (est. 2007) and Veneration E-Sports (est. 2012) (i.e. Quake,Counter Strike, DotA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Starcraft, World of Warcraft). As a community, we have considerable MMO experience, and look forward to expanding our membership in all the existing and upcoming MMOs we'll be participating in.

    We've Been Jamming WS since CBT. 'Pay It Forward' Competition Entries that Won Me/Us Black Ops BETA Access: PIF#1PIF#2
    Proof of Clan Leaders' 40-Man Raiding Experience
    Proof of Members' Raiding Experience [Armoury]
    Proof of Members' Raiding Experience [Armoury]
    Proof of Members' Raiding Experience [Gallery]

    Clan Info
    Facebook Community Page
    Steam Community Page
    TeamSpeak 3:

    What We Expect From Our Members
    - A little patience while the rest of our team complete their server transfers!
    - Stoicism (Kvetching defeatists who vámonos when the going gets tough need not apply)
    - A good (and preferably twisted) sense of humour
    - A respectful and considerate attitude towards fellow clan members and players
    - A mature, friendly outlook and a willingness to help others
    - Contributors over passengers
    - Less QQ, moar pew pew!

    What We Offer Our Members
    - An experienced, warm, helpful community
    - Raid Leaders and Officers with over 15 years of MMO experience
    - New friends to play other games with if you're taking a day off (We're a multi-game clan and play many other games together i.e. Warframe, FireFall, Trove, Dragon Nest)
    - Veteran Dungeon Assistance
    - Fun Guild Events!

    We are in the process of transferring from Luminai to Jabbit, and are looking to bolster our roster once more, so please head over to our website and register!

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