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Level 3 - She’s a she

Discussion in 'Nexus Weekly Podcast' started by Gray, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Gray

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    This was Pseudo's first episode, yay for Pseudo.

    Original show notes:
    Hosts Gray, Pseudo and Starspun discuss the weekly interview with friends/family testers!

    Ye Auld Click Guide:
    0 -What feature causes you the most grief?
    5:40 -What has been the most fun so far?
    9:50 – Have you had the experience of “I’m going to play for 30 minutes, and then go do X” and realize that 5 hours later, you said that?
    17:21 – - what didnt ya like?
    23:00 – millenium falcon guy -
    25:00 – changing out abilities on the fly
    28:00 – telegraph system, telegraph link:

    31:00 – what would you change?
    35:00 – what would we change about something in a past game?
    Unedited, raw and in color after show…
    40:00 – team edward, jacob and the rest of the aftershow…where we discuss things like Italian surnames, Norwegion spoken podcasts, Uncle Pino, Wikipedia-Math podcasts and of course…ApplePiedCast

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