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Level 43 - Oodles and Toodles

Discussion in 'Nexus Weekly Podcast' started by Gray, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Gray

    Gray Podcaster

    Nov 27, 2012
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    In level 43 Gray and Pseudo talk all things life on Arkship Destiny, NYCC hijinx, and much much more. In this special edition of the Community Art Spotlight enjoy an exclusive screen shot of a Shiphand from our favorite studio, Carbine!

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    Times are not deadly accurate ™

    00:30 - Mythical Snowbeasts
    2:30 - Wildstar Wednesday
    9:35 - Life in Destiny
    16:30 - Feature Friday
    18:10 - Warcry Interview (Thanks Jon Prosperi)
    24:35 - Becoming a mechari warrior (Thanks Garrett Fuller)
    31:20 - Community Spotlight: My 2 biggest concerns with wildstar are, (Thanks Fairytailisback)
    34:45 - Community Spotlight: -Armor restrictions? (Thanks C1d0s)
    Community Art Spotlight: Shiphands
    (Thanks Carbine)

    40:19 - What games are you playing?
    45:04 - Pants or no pants?
    47:22 - Shoutros
  2. Artificer

    Artificer Cupcake-About-Town

    Oct 3, 2013
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    Thanks for another awesome podcast guys! I can't wait to see which piece of art you pick for next weeks Community Art Spotlight. ;) It is sort of surreal to hear you read my five star review.

    P.S. When you guys say the word "bromance" I have to admit...I imagine us three high fiving as a group like the ninja turtles when they shout "cowabunga". I think I may need to stop listening to Nexus Weekly for a while and maybe get some help. lol ;)
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  3. wizaki21

    wizaki21 New Cupcake

    Aug 13, 2013
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    Dear god the final minute of this episode was by far the greatest thing that ever was or ever will be recorded. Drop the microphone and walk away slowly boys, you've broken the internet.

    P.S "Complicated" is by Avril Lavgine Grey. I expect better from Oprah's premiere podcast.
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  4. Zinn

    Zinn Cupcake-About-Town

    Sep 7, 2011
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    I had not seen the dev post regarding the change in the chipping system. Like was said in the podcast chipping seemed to be a big part of the plan. I wonder how that will be modified or replaced. My guess which I am sure is wrong is a dual saved chipping system where each piece of armor would get 2 chips one active one inactive. So one could shift between the two as they change their two roles. Or some other such change in the chipping to allow players to switch between roles without requiring two entire sets of gear.

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