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Level 51 - Nexus Quad-Annually

Discussion in 'Nexus Weekly Podcast' started by Gray, Mar 13, 2014.

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Well folks we're back again. We've grown from our experiences and some of us even duplicated! We would like to thank everyone for sticking with us and are pleased to restart our weekly format. This episode was recorded Monday the 10th and is funny knowing what we know no. Pseudo and Gray throw down about Wildstarian delights and Zap Robo chimes in a cameo-esque hello at the end. Enjoy lads and laddettes. Bare with the naughty non editing.

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    0:00 - Epic Introoooo ooo ooooo
    6:20 -Farming in the 32nd century
    8:55 - Glass blowing, is it safe? Is it viable?
    10:40 - Is green really a color? Or has it been a reflection of blue this entire time?
    11:34 - Do tylenols work for headaches or do they just make you smile more?
    1:55 - What's even in headache pills, anyway?
    8:55 - What's a headache while we're at it?
    8:55 - Squirrel migration and how it's affecting our nuts

    Community Art Spotlight: Baby formed

    (Introducing this cute child created by the one and only Zap Robo and Gentlestar)

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