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[Lightbulb] Scouting Scenarios

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Wireman, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Wireman

    Wireman New Cupcake

    Jul 30, 2013
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    Idea credits to Yamikun (Post here, second paragraph)

    Alright folks, idea - scouting:-
    • Target Audience: Endgame Characters (Raiders + Solo)
    • Pre-raid Attunement Quest-chain [Final Stage, required once but optional repeatable system]
    • Dynamic much like the raid itself, different combinations of objectives weekly (?).
    • Objective(s) - [Scenario-style Notification System]
      • Boss #1 - Scout [Score 0/3]
        • Investigate ... (what he/she/it is upto)
        • Bonus Score for faster times (Challenge?)
        • No stealth tactics, plain old aggro range avoiding/hiding behind wall/etc.
      • Boss #2 - Thief: Steal Plans for Universe Domination Attempt #113 [Score 0/3]
        • Lure ... (away to another room/area with smells/gadgets/etc.)
        • Mob Patrols to mix it up.
        • Challenge - Lure continuously into other rooms/areas. [1 extra/2 extra]
      • Boss #3 - Aggravate [Score 0/3]
        • Irritate ... (throw fartbombs/banana peels/etc.)
        • Hatred bar (fill to 100 units) - Challenge (fill to 125/150 units)
      • Trash! - Collect [Score 0/3]
        • Steal ... (armors/weapons/food supplies/etc.)
        • Special Skills - [AoE slow/AoE chain - Teron Gorefiend debuff style]
        • Challenge (Collect 20/30, Normal 15)
    • Checkpoints: Respawn to a safe-area within the raid instance when you fail.
    Score system can be a achievement style thing, kind of like Angry birds - no rewards just a challenge for completionists.

    • Developer-time
    • Even if it's dynamic it will predictable after a while.
    • Once it's out people can Google the perfect paths for luring/kiting/etc.
    • WoW: ZG raptor pet quest in patch 4.2.
    • Yamikun
    • Boredom
    Alright, feel free to add to this. Just wanted to bridge the gap for raiders and solo-players (60% according to JG?) in seeing raid content, not actually killing them for loot.
    PS. Apologies if this has been talked about already. I've been an on-and-off lurker around here, I didn't notice one!

    Edit #1: Added Checkpoints for Respawn.
  2. Roguehandle

    Roguehandle Cupcake

    Jul 27, 2013
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    It is nice to see that someone is thinking of us solo people. I can feel the love and makes me want to help/join raiders at times.
  3. binzer

    binzer Cupcake

    Jul 28, 2013
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    Whether or not it's a bridge to raiding, I'm a big fan of epic questing. It should ideally take a long time and be very challenging imo. For those who can't raid, or aren't raiding yet, it's nice to feel that sense of accomplishment for completing something grand that not just anyone can do.

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