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Story My Group (Concept but not made into PC)

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by t209, May 23, 2014.

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    Mar 8, 2014
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    Here's my group concept after fiddling with Character.
    Anybody will be allowed to take and even edit it since I will not be buying it due to expenses.
    1. Willem "Blister" VanCassus, a currently Bloodthirsty Human warrior soldier, except he kinda like Aurin and happy enough to murder anyone who hurts them (especially Chua and plan to turn them into coat). He used to be an spoiled but kindhearted Highborn recruit until he saw atrocities during Ravaging of Arboria. He then snapped the neck of a Chua flamethrower and started an inter-unit Civil War. I am thinking whether I should make another origin that he's psychopathic after the Blackhood "rehabilitate" him instead of my character by mistake. (yes, I kinda inspired by Lethal Weapons, Blisk from Titanfall, and Koobus from District 9).
    2. "Dedushka" Donovich, A Human Engineer Soldier and a father figure to his group. He used to be a stern but caring highborn officer until he and his few men sided with Willem in the inter-unit Civil War. Then he and his few deserters (including Willem) deserted and make a break for the Exile shuttle with Aurin survivors. He then formed his own Mecenaries known as "Dedushka's Droogs" after the discovery of Nexus in 1658. "Dedushka" is a Russian word for Grandfather due to his old age and friendly nature.
    3. "Haas" Branchtail, Spellslinger Explorer and friend of Willem. He and his two parents that Willem saved. Then his family lived on either a poverty ridden ship or poor parts of Arkship. Then the thugs broke in to their quarters. The parents tried to defend themselves but they died before Willem's rescue. He finally lost his innocence after picked up a gun and shot a thug who was going to kill Willem. After the incident, Willem take him in as his guardian/son. "Haas" is also a Afrikaan word for Rabbit.
    4. "Vedma", a Mordesh Medic Scientist and the team's "token female". She, like all Mordesh, were survivors of a plague that came from immortality potion that let them live longer along with their pathogens. She had a bit of grudge with Donovich since his grandfather shooting down the ship that her husband was piloting; however, she decided that "sins of the father" is a stupid idea in general (Not to mention that he refused to took part in Aurin Genocide) and decided to befriend with him. "Vedma" was a Russian Word for witch due to Mordesh's Eastern European naming and Mordesh's dark nature.

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