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LFG [NA][Exile][PvX][Pergo] <Paroxysm> Hardcore raiding on the casual man's schedule

Discussion in 'Seeking Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Tankstah, May 29, 2014.

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    May 29, 2014
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    ~Please hop in our ventrilo server to ask any questions you'd like any time! I'll be in there almost nonstop for the next few days ready for you. ParoxysmGuild.maxfrag.net Port: 3797 ~

    Hello and thank you for your interest in <Paroxysm>

    What is Paroxysm?

    Paroxysm is the culmination of almost a decade of gaming between eight friends. We have teamed up in everything from World of Warcraft and League of Legends to console gaming. Our next project is creating the definitive "casual" raiding experience in Wildstar. We will also have a PvP branch run by a former WoW gladiator.Our definition of casual is as dedicated as one can be without diminishing fun. We intend to raid 2 maybe 3 weeknights for 3-4 hours. We WILL be competitive. We WILL progress through elder game content. But we WILL NOT make this a job.

    What are Paroxysm's goals?

    Paroxysm will be a community of like minded gamers with a PvE focus. We intend to level as quickly as possible while getting to know each other and gathering a team of dedicated individuals. From here we will break into 5 man groups for attunement and progress into 20 man raiding as soon as possible. However, we are busy. Just like you. This is a hobby, not a job. BUT we take everything we do seriously, even having fun. That is why we intend to be competitive and as close to the top of our server as possible without losing out on real life.

    What is Paroxysm looking for?

    You!... hopefully. We are looking for players interested in raiding in elder game content. We like gamers who value the person over the player. I don't want to raid with 19 people I don't have fun with, no matter how well they can raid and neither should you! We have very experienced raiders in our group and can teach anyone to be a great raider. We need people who are dedicated to becoming such. We need people who can learn from their mistakes, study fights on their own, challenge themselves to be better, and encourage others to do the same. You do not need to have previous experience to join. If you want to learn, we can teach!

    Because we are in the beginning stages of creating this guild, there are many opportunities for leadership. If you want to help, you will be given avenues to do so.

    Raid Details

    Raid Times: Raids will be 2-3 nights per week from Mon-Thurs. They will begin at 8 EST and end at 11-12 EST. This is subject to change.

    Raid Leader: Our raids are captained by our main tank, Tankstaah. He is in charge of decisions once 20 or 40 people are together in an instance.

    Attendance: There is a team responsible for determining who comes to raids on what night and scheduling. In an ideal world, we would have exactly 20/40 people who all raid every night. However, we must have some sort of rotation so people can miss raids when needed. This rotation will be planned weeks in advance and have a committee responsible so fairness is assured. At least 80% attendance is expected from all raiders.

    Loot: Paroxysm will use Loot Council to assign loot. We have used DKP in the past and have opted away from that for now. If raider's prefer it, we will switch. The way our loot council works is there are three people who make up the council each raid. These three people rotate every raid. Those eligible for loot council are anyone with full membership in the guild. Officers have no advantage in the loot council. Loot will be assigned by a simple majority vote within the 3 members of the loot council for that raid. Taken into account by the loot council in order are current gear standing, attendance, dedication, and performance.

    Head to our website at PAROXYSMGUILD.ENJIN.COM to learn more!

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