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LFG [NA][PST] Healer LF Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore PvE/PvP Guild

Discussion in 'Seeking Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Vixentine, May 24, 2014.

  1. Vixentine

    Vixentine New Cupcake

    May 24, 2014
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    With the launch fast approaching, I am still on the hunt for a suitable guild, as most of the guilds I have found have unsuitable raid times for my work schedule.


    What I am looking for:
    • Group of organized & skilled raiders with strong leadership
    • Focus on being top 50-100 US
    • 15-20 hours a week
    • Raid times between 7:00PM-11:30PM PST
    • Active players outside of raiding, preferably people who enjoy PvP as well
    • Little to no drama (especially with loot).
    • I have no preference of faction.

    About Me:
    • Esper or Spellslinger healer (undecided as of now, will role whatever guild needs most)
    • Very familiar with combat system from playing TERA over 2 years (I don't stand in telegraphs often)
    • I am always reading up on my class and optimizing to the best of my ability
    • I do NOT get offended by constructive criticism; actually I love it
    • Working headset/mic and yes I am vocal when needed; otherwise pretty quiet
    • I stream and I will be streaming actively. I am willing to turn it off during progression if requested
    • I have a very reliable gaming PC and internet connection. Very few problems occur (if ever)

    I am a 26-year-old female (you can press back now if you're one of those sexist guilds that "think girls suxorz/cauz dramaz, no estrogen allowed") and I have been gaming for over 20 years. I am a working professional and you should not expect me to be taking holiday time off to level my character OR to raid beyond set raid-times during progression. I do not have children either, unless you count the furry kind.

    Most of my raiding experience has been as a healer on World of Warcraft and TERA Online. I raided as a resto druid for the entirety of TBC on WoW. Pushing content and killing M'uru pre-nerf. I switched to resto shaman for guild needs in WotLK and raided competitively during that expansion as well. The guild I was in fell through the cracks due to burnt out people and a raid leader selling his account before a heroic LK kill. I then went to a semi-hardcore guild and achieved server first heroic Obsidian Sanctum 25.

    I have not raided much on WoW since WotLK - did a few heroic kills with my guild on Kel'Thuzad (Dysfunction). Server 2nd-3rd heroic kills at the beginning of the expansion.

    On TERA, my static 5 man group was one of the most progressed and well-geared groups of Tier 13 content. Unfortunately 2 of the members quit the game due to lack of new content. I have continued to play casually, still grinding gear and succeeding with current content.
  2. Khaotik

    Khaotik New Cupcake

    May 13, 2014
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    idk why, but it is extremely hard to find a pacific raiding guild that starts at 7pm pst or later. I too am looking for such a guild. good luck to u.
  3. Exa

    Exa New Cupcake

    Apr 2, 2013
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    We are a worldwide (NA/EU) cross faction guild/community with over 300+ members. WildStar focus on PvE and PvP content. In WildStar our aim is getting the server firsts on Dominion and Exiles in PvE raiding. We are already deep into the prep-work for raiding with more than 4 raid groups across both factions in our NA division. We are currently expanding our ranks in the EU division. In PvP we are currently setting up teams for Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas and Warplots, with the focus on becoming a force in competitive gaming. Our aim is to establish a unified guild circle with the objective of working together on endgame content; for instance, organizing massive guild vs guild Warplot battles and 40M raiding. Apart from being a hardcore guild we are also a casual guild, because we understand that sometimes real life does comes first. In the end we want all our members to enjoy the game and what it has to offer at launch no matter if you are hardcore or a casual gamer. Visit us at http://www.exinferno.com/

    This is the Raid I will be running, but if these times do not work for you, plz check out exinferno.com

    Exile - PVE - Raid Group 2 S.H.I.E.L.D.
    - Progression - - Schedule
    Sun, Wed, and a tentative Mon @ 8-11 PST [11-2 EST]
    Show up 20-30 min early to make sure you're ready to go. <REDACTED>, shower, and shave before hand.
  4. Kazehana

    Kazehana New Cupcake

    May 8, 2014
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    Hi Vixentine,

    Let's get the raid schedule out of the way first:
    Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday
    7:00pm - 10:00pm PST (9-12 EST)
    I like the way you structured your post. I will take a cue from you and try to make my post as easy and concise to read.

    What <Demented Asylum> is looking for:
    • Strong players with a positive attitude
    • Raiders who min-max gear, study strats, and generally try to better their playstyle
    • Play the game outside of raids (we are very social people)
    • Will not have an ego, try to form a clique, or insult other players
    • Understands that our 1st priority is to have a good time

    About <Demented Asylum>:
    • Dominion on the Pergo (PvP) server
    • 40-man Raiding
    • 21+ age requirement (most of us are late 20s, in our 30s, or denying we're 40-something)
    • Established medium-sized guild, veteran raiders from all over
    • Relaxed, friendly, and with a "mature" sense of humor
    • PvE focused but PvP is going to happen heh heh heh
    I think the one thing we don't have in common is your requirement to be a top 50-100 guild. While I certainly believe we have the skilled players to make that happen, we have structured the guild to be successful while still maintaining some sort of life outside of the game (jobs, families, and other hobbies such as hockey and cruising bike trails). This gives us room to enjoy each other, the game, and to minimize stress between gaming and real life duties. We are organized (right down to a Main Crafting team and farming schedules for housing plots). We have scheduled events outside of raids like PvP and Escort Races. We talk outside of game (and hang out in TeamSpeak outside of game too).

    As far as the streaming goes, I think if you join you will be the 3rd person to be airing out our shenanigans. We have some Twitch users in our guild. And at least one who occasionally makes YouTube videos. Right now we've been focused on getting our rotations, builds, etc just right. I'm sure the guild will get into more media related stuff after our characters are where they need to be. Gotta look good for the crowd, right? Anyways, I'll stop talking now. If you think we are something you'd like to consider, you can stop by our website. The "app" process is just a form of contact so we can arrange a TeamSpeak chat to see if we mesh well together. No wasting time writing in long applications! Huzzah!


    Until then, I wish you good luck in the finding the right guild for you. You sound like an awesome player and I'm a sucker for a good healer. :up:
  5. Eurlin

    Eurlin New Cupcake

    Feb 5, 2014
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    Giving you a bump, good luck on your search!
  6. Bulde

    Bulde New Cupcake

    May 25, 2014
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    Hey Vix,

    If you don't mind rolling Exhile, check us out. We are a small tight-knit group of hard-core (but laid back) mature players looking for folks that fit the same sort of characteristics. We started off as just a few of us and are growing selectively to ensure we acquire more quality than quantity. Some more info about us below.

    Guild Name: <Koil>
    Guild Website: koil.guildlaunch.com
    Location: North America
    Faction: Exile
    Server: Pergo (pvp)

    What we are looking for:

    Our focus is on PvP but intend on participating in PvE progression and raiding as well. We focus on competitive play and a “winning is fun” attitude. We are not casual by any means. We expect hardcore qualities (preparation, research, skill, etc.)

    We are looking for others who share the same spirit and understanding that tactics and teamwork are of utmost importance and that the overall team’s success far outweighs any individual achievement.

    Our ideal candidates will consist of like-minded competitors that understand the importance of skill, dedication, and positive team-work. Competitive play is not for everyone, but those interested in being part of a competitive team will have a home in Koil.

    Players who understand the importance of the following principles and are willing to abide by and continually strive to improve on the following are free to apply to Koil:

    • Motivated

    • Team Player

    • Commitment

    • Communication

    • Likeminded goals

    • Ability to follow instructions

    • Positive Attitude (no Drama)

    • Understanding the importance of Area/Map Awareness

    • Understand that you may be asked to fill certain roles

    Check us out if you are interested at: koil.guildlaunch.com


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