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[NA-US][PvX][DOMINION] <Lucid> Seeking active, skilled PvE and PvP'ers

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Andromina, May 30, 2014.

  1. Andromina

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    May 30, 2014
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    Post Falls, Idaho
    Hi everyone! Andromina reporting for duty! I am looking for the Dominion's Finest. Are you ready to step up and seek your true spot in the Nexus.

    We are <Lucid>. We are just your average joes looking to make it in the big scheme of things. Whether it be from raiding to PvP. We are comprised of some of the most laid back individuals you could meet. We are very diverse, mature, and just looking for some fun while kickin' some ass. (If an occasional swear offends you, you better seek shelter somewhere else )

    We are full of talented raiders, for example Aldrann - World #1 Druid in EQ (before EQ2 was a thing) , Andromina (Me) - 13 way tied for #1 DK tie in Cataclysm and that being said we obviously have the drive to succeed and have the patience to work through every fight to help drive to the finish line.

    For raids, Working mic/headset mandatory - Ventrilo Mandatory

    Outside of raids and PvP, we are a community, a circle of people who are just looking to do what they love. To play games. Everyone plays their own way, and we will not tell you what you should/should not do. We are humans, and we will treat you like a human (Unless you grandma dies 7 times a month, then we might start asking questions). Real life happens and we are totally cool with it.

    We have a facebook, A ventrilo, and soon a guild website. (links below)


    Lucidgg.typefrag.com Port: 9315

    Raid times will be in PST and we are aiming for 6 - 7 PM to start We are looking at 2 days a week to start (TBD) We are flexible

    We basically just want to have fun, and having new faces/voices would be awesome to have :)

    If this sounds like something you are interested in or want some more information, feel free to check out the FB, join us on vent (Again real-life happens, so we may not be there 100%), or post questions here and I will promptly answer them.

    We are planning on playing on Widow. I hope to see you all!

    • Andromina
    P.S I am taking a nap before release ^.^ SEE YOU THERE!

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