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Song Nexus, Ho! [Parody Song Video]

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by Mahanaxar, May 29, 2014.

  1. Mahanaxar

    Mahanaxar Cupcake

    Nov 12, 2013
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    Hello! I've been under the weather for what seems like an eternity but I'm well enough to release this new song just prior to launch!


    The lights glow dim on the Arkship tonight
    For the fear of being seen
    A people in isolation
    On this broken little fleet
    Dominion seeker ships get closer every night
    Hope's fading fast; nowhere left to hide

    But wait, what's this? Message recieved!
    Walker's planet is more than fantasy
    The deal is sealed, we've found our home
    So now let's go

    Nexus, ho! Nexus, ho!
    Can't keep us down anymore
    Nexus, ho! Nexus, ho!
    This is what we've waited for
    I don't care what the Empire does
    Let the war rage on
    They're probably going to follow us

    Seems that our persistence
    Is finally paying off
    Though we call ourselves the Exiles
    We won't live like that for long

    It's time to show what we can do
    To establish ourselves somewhere new
    No need to hide, no need to flee
    We're free

    Nexus, ho! Nexus, ho!
    Our own corner of earth and sky
    Nexus, ho! Nexus, ho!
    Come and watch the drop pods fly
    Here we stand and here we'll stay
    Let the war rage on

    An object rockets through the air into our ship
    Dominion agents strapped a Primal F-Bomb onto it
    A meteor hit the greenhouse with a mighty crash
    This time we're fighting back, let's kick Dominion ass

    Nexus, ho! Nexus, ho!
    We'll rise with this new dawn
    Nexus, ho! Nexus, ho!
    That hopeless life is gone
    I don't care what the Empire does
    Let the war rage on

    So bring on your lizards and psycho fuzz
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  2. Extatica

    Extatica Super Cupcake

    Feb 17, 2013
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    Is it ''in'' or ''on'' the Arkship (you sing in, but lyrics say on)

    Also please note that the entire song is false since the Dominion will just win and kill all the Exiles :p You'll keep fleeing, and losing! (it's in your DNA!)

    (good song though)
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  3. Domi Dayglow

    Domi Dayglow Super Cupcake

    Apr 18, 2013
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    Land of Hugs!
    Yays! New Mahanaxar song! This will help me get through the next, uhm....let's see...aurin maff says...uhm.. 18 Hours!

    ....must add song to Wildstar playlist.

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