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Oh hiya, didn't see you there!

Discussion in 'Personal Introductions' started by Garavax, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Garavax

    Garavax Guest

    Heyo! I'm Garavax. Recently, I've been craving to get into a MMO. Never really have before. I've delved decently into Guild Wars 2 but nothing too crazy. About two hours later of straight gameplay I found it easy to say that I love it. A measly level 5 exploring spellslinging chua. I've always been kinda lonely in these kind of games, needless to say I don't have many friends who play pc where I live and I thought joining a forum dedicated to the game might help me find some people to hang around and play the game with. Nice to meet you all, and I'll talk to you all later! [emoji4]
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