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LFG Pago - Exiles: 2-3 Players looking for PvP Guild

Discussion in 'Seeking Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Cronus3166, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Cronus3166

    Cronus3166 Guest

    As of right now, majority of our friends have stopped playing Wildstar and has left the last few of us to try to figure out our next move. We have:

    50 Spellslinger - DPS/Healer (I focus DPS, but I'm willing to heal if the group needs it)
    49 Medic - Healer/DPS (He is focusing on Healing)
    35 Warrior - Tank (He picked up the game later than us but is working his way up)

    For the most part, we play evening/early morning. The Medic works Sunday - Thursday from 10pm EST to 6am and so far we have not been able to find a guild doing Warparties Friday/Saturday and this is part of the game we were most interested in. We are also looking for normal PvP (Battlegrounds/Arena) and would also like to do try out the Vet Dungeons/Adventures.

    If there are any Exile guilds looking for 3 new members and run stuff on the weekend, please hit me up here or in game as Inasa.
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  2. tino

    tino Guest

    Blitzkrieg gaming would have spots for you and your friends. were a small guild with 24 members, we have 10 50s that are working on their attunement also, we love to pvp and want to do all the raids, we just need more players to accomplish this task. you can check out our new website http://blitzkrieg-gaming.enjin.com/ or you can contact me in-game Jynxx

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